Wednesday, June 8, 2016

This is Why We Do This!

Oh what a wonderful day we had yesterday on the farm!
School is finally out and Macy and Maggie came to visit their chickens (roosters!)

They arrived in the morning with their lunches packed...
friends in tow...
and set off in search of a day of farm fun...
sailing off to a land of enchantment.

There were multiple visits with the pigs.

For loving...

And for treats...

Spectacular blue skies 

were the backdrop for a day full of magic...
where even the tiniest of farm dwellers came to the sound of children laughing.

A butterfly flit from shoulder to shoulder... offering her welcome to these precious visitors.

It was a happy reunion in the chicken pen.

It's amazing how docile these roosters are in the arms of little girls.

We spent equal time with all of the animals and by the time we were finished,

3 boxes of Ritz crackers were consumed.

The turkeys followed as they made their way around the farm.

They gathered eggs...
reaching beneath chickens as they set in nesting boxes...
braving the few hens that pecked at them as they carefully raided their nests.

Perhaps the most fun was had in the goat pen,
where goats were fed...

and scratched...

And when the goats tired of Ritz crackers, the chickens were happy to oblige.
By this time the children were quite brave...


  1. What a beautiful day with lots of fun! The butterfly is gorgeous and the video priceless!

  2. Looks like gorgeous weather helped make this a perfect day for the children and animals.
    Loved the video . . .
    Great picture of the girls holding the white Roosters . . .

  3. A gorgeous day with lots of smiling children..who could ask for more?!!

  4. Today's kids need all the interactions with animals that they can get!

  5. The farm is certainly a wonderful place to share with children. Looks like the chickens had as much fun as they did .... It is wonderful of you to share your time and your home. Great post.

  6. oh what fun! and wait...goats get tired of eating ritz crackers? check out my latest purchase on my post today. you might need one!

  7. I so want to be one of those girls. Thank you for sharing - your posts always brighten my day.

  8. What a fabulous way to spend the day!

  9. What a fabulous day for all . Lovely photos and video . thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. Looks like the kids are loving the animals. The butterfly picture is adorable. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  11. Oh Bev, Mckenzie is adorbs!,, Ivy is 'purfect', all the are happy and your garden id Fab!.. I wish my garden could get a break! but this year more so than last,,, the deer and gophers have done such damage,,, in spite of small gauage chicken wire to protect the roots and garden cloth to cover the seedlings and saplings these tenacious critters still manage to be destructive! Oh, and did I mention the frogs? a gazillion frogs are currently roaming or should I day, Hopping about, our property! Uugh! we have to watch where we step...
    I don't suppose you want to swap locations with me? lol!

  12. ops! sorry about the typos...

  13. An American in TokyoJune 14, 2016 at 9:45 PM

    Love the chicken lips video!!
    Kids always bring such a great energy to any place!! =D


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