Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Most days are a string of moments tied together with various chores.
It would be easy to go through the day focussed on the tasks...
checking each item off the "To Do" list.
It would be easy to miss the little moments...
the magical moments.

Quieting my mind and opening my eyes is a gift that country life has given to me.
And it's a gift that keeps on giving.

I love that you stop by to share these moments with me,
because these small moments can remind us what an amazing world we inhabit.

This painted turtle came out of the woods on Monday evening after a thunderstorm.
He was quite shy when I came near.
I would have loved to show you his colorful face, 
but alas, he kept his best smile hidden beneath his shell.

Yesterday, while gathering eggs, I overheard Milford singing a tune as he strutted through his hens...
"I've got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle...." (please tell me you've heard that old song)

I looked down at his feet and noticed that indeed....
he has the biggest spurs of any rooster I have ever had!

His are even larger than the turkeys' spurs (seen below).

While we are on the subject of chickens...
If this is your first summer raising chickens...
do not be alarmed if you happen to pass one lying on her side with her legs out.

This is something chickens do when it is hot.
They are good nappers and they love to stretch out.
The first time I saw this I panicked....sure there was something very wrong with my girl.
Nope.... it's just a chicken thing.

Also, you may have missed a short post that I did on Facebook the other day.
The four young chickens that came to live on the farm last month,
(Macy's chickens)
are ALL roosters.

The are growing and crowing more and more each day.

Handsome boys!

I have to share with you just how beautiful it was yesterday on the farm...
a perfect day!

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to attend Arts Festivals.
We are lucky here in Central Pennsylvania to have several excellent festivals throughout the summer.

This past weekend we attended one in Harrisburg.
It is held alongside the river and is one of my favorites.

Always keeping my eye out for things that "belong" at the farm,
I was lucky enough to find this bee lantern holder with a solar lantern.

Perfectly perfect for Bee Haven Acres!!

do you remember a couple of months ago those local high-schoolers who came to the farm
for a photo shoot for their May Day Dance?

Here are a couple of the photos taken by their photographer.
It looks as though Moonbeam and Tom enjoyed the extra attention.

What a fun day!
How much nicer it would have been if we were further into spring.
What a difference a couple of months makes!

PS:  Happy June!!


  1. I, for one, remember that song. Watch out for those Spurs! Great picture of the lantern. Maybe you can tame that turtle.. ......and name it!

  2. Your thoughts and photos help to make my day! Love to read about the animals and what's going on on the farm. Sure, I know that tune about the spurs a jingling - ha,ha!
    And what a beautiful turtle. The markings are wonderful. And all those really handsome rooster boys!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I too love living in the country! Nothing better!

  4. such a beautiful turtle, the color is amazing,,we have none so brightly colored here,
    the chickens all look happy and content, the photos of the visitors are great, I love how they all wore plaid shirts,,

  5. I love that turtle- s colorful! Every morning I look forward to your post, enjoying more country life. Happy June!

  6. the bee lantern is perfect! did the turtle return to the woods?

  7. Will the roosters be able to live together in harmony as they get older, or will they fight and need to be separated? Somehow I don't think you can neuter them. Or can you?

  8. All questions will be answered in tomorrow's blog post. :)

  9. Great photos, thanks for the share!

  10. That sweet turtle just melts my heart! And that lantern is to die for. My first attempt at purchasing 6 baby female chicks all turned out to be roosters. I took them all back to the feed store and told them they did not know how to sex their chicks. That was the last time I bought chicks at that store. I then went to a reliable feed store after that. I really do miss raising chickens. They gave me so much joy. Perhaps one day again....

  11. You are so lucky to have a Box turtle on your farm! I never see any on my farm, as there are mostly painted turtles, snappers, and wood turtles here. Box turtles are very special. My friends exhibited their work at that art show. They do "painting with fire" which is copper work.

  12. I luv luv luv the Bee Lantern holder!
    Yep,, Spring has sprung... right into summer over here! mid to high 80's and will reach the upper 90's by the weekend.. can I come to your house? it's bloody to hot over here! lol!

  13. An American in TokyoJune 2, 2016 at 10:18 PM

    Wow, what a colorful post!
    The turtle, the blue sky and green grass...all lovely!

    One question, are the spurs on chickens/turkeys hard like their claws? I wonder if they are made of the same material...


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