Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hay! Hay! Hay!

If you have followed this blog for the past few years,
then you know the struggles we have had in trying to get a first cutting of hay.

Cutting hay this time of year can be difficult...
and for the past few years, the weather just was not cooperative.
We'd cut... it would rain... we'd lose the hay.

Finally, this week the weather has been perfect.
Warm days, dry nights, gentle steady breeze.

The hay was cut Monday.
Raked yesterday.

And baled last evening.

Perfect timing.

Last evening we sent a wagon load up the hay elevator...

and into the top of the barn.

Lush, green wonderful grass hay.

And while we worked, the horses drooled over the wagon of hay.
"Don't worry, guys... you'll get this eventually."

We have a great situation.
Our neighbor, a dairy farmer, makes the hay for us...
We take about 20% and give him the rest as payment for making it.
Hopefully it is a win-win situation for us all.
Having some of our hay, without having to buy all of the equipment is wonderful for us...
and less hay that we have to buy in the end.

After the hay was stowed....

"Are you sure you are done?"

A few views from the hayloft...
(From left to right as I look from the hayloft)

A little closer...
you can see where the picnic pavilion is... straight ahead in the woods...

The horses' dry lot and pasture beyond it...

And right below me...


  1. The hay looks beautiful! Thanks to Mother Nature for finally supplying you with the perfect conditions.

  2. Good Morning! I always start my day with your blog, and it always gives me such a hopeful positive start for my day. Thank you so much for all of the effort you put into this. So happy you reaped a hay harvest!

  3. Congratulations! Just in time. Have a good day

  4. Beautiful views from the hay loft.

    How's the baby this morning? Hoping she is much improved and had a restful night.

  5. I tell you . . .
    Beauty in your corner of the world.
    I liked those views from the hay loft.
    Kitty eyes too . . .
    I have heard hay prices can be steep . . .
    Congrat's on making it happen, a "win win" for everyone.

  6. "Make hay while the sun shines" -- there's a reason for that old saying, eh?

  7. Beautiful, I always come to your blog first thing in the morning. I just love it!!! Thanks for taking the time to share and start my day on a happy note!!

    Enjoy and have a great day, Janie

  8. I'll bet that hay smells so good! It's beautiful!
    Love the views too.

  9. Beautiful photos (as always) of hay making. So glad the weather held out for you. Would like to re-iterate what a couple of people have said above and that is your blog is amazing and really is a good start to my day too. Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire UK.

  10. good thing has come from this lack of rain! hay! your place is just beautiful!

  11. What a beautiful property! My cousins are hay farmers (part time in the summer) and it really has fascinated me how important the weather is in the process!

    KK @

  12. Next year we will be looking at trying to do hay, yours looks lovely,

  13. An American in TokyoJune 16, 2016 at 9:41 PM

    I wish I could smell the hay! It looks great!
    I love the views from the hay barn, too!

  14. What a great solution. I know my boy would be fascinated by the whole baling process. He once built a hay baler out of Legos.
    The vistas are lovely. What a peaceful place.
    Enjoy your weekend!


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