Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Are You Ready?

So much of life at the farm happens when we are not looking.
And the pond is no exception to this.
(This is the point where you must go back and read yesterday's post if you missed it!)
I know...it was cruel of me to make you wait a day for the mystery to be solved.
Hopefully it will be worth it.
(If you click on the photos, they will enlarge to give you a better view!)

In a glen nestled between shale hills of oak and pine and walnut there is a small pond
teeming with life.
The pond is home to 4 domestic ducks, a few pairs of wild mallards,
and goodness knows how many wild critters.

The humans that tend this pond deliver feed daily for their beloved ducks.
They also throw fish food into the pond each day for the koi.

Although the ducks actually prefer the fish food, they do
supplement their diet with nibbles from the bowl from time to time...
but not enough to ever empty the bowl...and certainly not to drag it, empty, 
down to the water's edge.

Who is responsible for this mischief?
Let's see....

Pekin Pete:  " Have you noticed how quickly this bowl gets emptied lately?"

Cayuga Cal: "Yea, thank goodness we have the fish food to eat!"

Pekin Pete quacks up, laughing, "Yea, poor fish!"

One of several pairs of wild ducks stops by for some breakfast...
oblivious to the fact that he is not the only one with that idea.

Rodney Rat:  "Maybe if I hide, he won't notice me."

Rodney Rat:  "BOO!"

Harold Drake, eyes wide, crouches, bewildered.

Recovered, he waddles to the other side of the dish and calls his mate,
"Hey Mildred... come look who's been stealing the food."

Mildred Duck:  "Oh, Harold...he's adorable.  And he's all alone.  Let's invite him to stay."  

Mildred Duck:   "We can share the food with him...there's enough to go around!"

Little did Mildred and Harold know....

Rodney Rat:  "Hey fellas!  There's free food!"

And in a matter of seconds, Rowland and Ronald showed up...

Followed by Randy and Robert...

And before long, all six of the Rat family were feasting heartily!
(I'm pretty sure that Rhonda, Richard, Robin, Rose and Raymond were not far behind!)

 All day long and into the night they ate and ate and ate...

And then Ophelia Opossum showed up and sent them scattering.

Ophelia's visit didn't last long, however.
Rita Raccoon, a youngster, appeared...
and everyone knew that her momma wasn't too far behind!

Also, earlier in the day, Muskrat Sam stopped by for dinner.

Trying food from every side of the bowl,

he found it most efficient to sit atop the food.

Muskrat Sam:  "Hey Susie!"


"Free Food!"

Of course we all know what Muskrat Susie and Muskrat Sam did next....

They did the Jitterbug down in Muskrat Land, of course!!

Do you think we might have a little rodent problem??


  1. I would never have suspected rats. I thought woods had mice and cities had rats. I learned something new today. Such a suspenseful post yesterday. You are too funny.

  2. Fantastic shots , I love seeing critters that one doesn't see much during the day . WOW ! you do have every animal on your farm lol ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day and Happy Summer !

  3. Wow! I've never seen a rat in person, but now I'm wondering if they are lurking around my neck of the woods! Amazing variety of critters you've got there. Do you, or can you even, eradicate?

  4. Wow! Not what I expected at all! And what awesome photos! That game camera is really good! You need more outdoor kittie cats!

  5. I think you have the material for a great children's book, about sharing :)

  6. Wow, looks like you are feeding the entire wild population besides your animals! So fun, great way to start my day. Thanks for sharing!

  7. That was definitely worth the wait. So many critters! Yikes!!

  8. Do you think you have a rodent problem? Ya think?!? LOL
    Great snapshots and commentary ... looks like you may have to be buying more and more food or figure out how to keep those varmints away ... hmmmmmm ... buying more grub for the critters may be the only solution!! LOL Or, trapping and relocating!!

    Great post!!

    Hugs from CO ... Marcia

  9. That's right -- there's never just ONE rodent.

  10. That was so worth the suspense! LOL! Never expected the rats! Too funny...I live in NYC and although they are a little dirty, there is something kind of cute about them and they are also very smart!

  11. and you thought you were feeding ducks!

  12. Good grief..Worth waiting for :0 You are feeding the whole county !! Where there is one, there are more. Word gets out... Great pictures..Cute story and post..Good job..Float your food or do they all swim??

  13. Oh My--bet you weren't prepared all these visitors!!!--maybe you are leaving too much food for those you want to feed!!!
    thanks for a smile today--actually a chuckle!!
    love and laughter, di

  14. what a magnificent wildlife variety! nice to know you contribute to their good health with good food. as far as ducks are concerned, here is a suggestion for food: https://www.arkwildlife.co.uk/Item/Wildlife_Foods~Waterbird_Foods/ADSF/Ark_Duck_-AND-_Swan_Floating_Food.html
    Maybe also a floating duck house would be nice for them to rear their ducklings:

  15. I am truly amazed!! I'm surprised the ducks are still alive and that they got any food at all. You have got a real rodent problem. I thought maybe a coon or possum but the rats shocked me and I don't know why. Those critters are everywhere these days. Good luck with curing the situation and good luck on keeping all of your ducks. All 10 of my granddaughters were slaughter a few weeks ago by neighboring dogs we think. They were tortured and left. If it had been a coon, bobcat, coyote or foxes they would have taken the ducks with them but these were mutilated and left behind. We were so mad. I've not blogged about it because I didn't want to upset Victoria anymore than she already is.

  16. OH MY GOODNESS! Look at all those critters. I kept reading and cracking up as the critters kept coming along. Lord have mercy. I live in a rural little town and the neighbor has walnut trees and when those nuts are ripe...every critter under the moon comes out. And my barn garage is a haven for walnut-keeping squirrels. They have dug up the cement to place their beloved nuts in there. Sheesh.

  17. And here I was thinking it was a bear.. Silly me.. Will you look at all the critters! I love that camera.. It is always so interesting to see what goes on a night out there.. Thanks so much for sharing

  18. Oh my. Wait until the in-laws hear about this! The whole family will be moving in! Yikes!


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