Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Nap Police

The sun came out yesterday just in time for afternoon chores.
The morning's drizzle had dried...
giving me what will most likely be the only opportunity of the week for mowing.

On my way to the barn I stopped by the pig yard.

The sheep were taking their afternoon nap right in the middle of the pig yard
and I observed that MaryAnn was quite curious about sleeping sheep.

The sheep were un-fazed...

that is, until she got just a little too pushy, as pigs can be.

Their slumber disturbed, Grace and Faith went back to grazing.

Hope, on the other hand went back to sleep.

Ginger decided, "If you can't beat 'em....join 'em!"

Believe it or not, before this area was mowed....

it looked just like this pasture....

we are over-run with dandelions this year!


  1. Save the dandelions! Excellent honeybee forage! So is clover! :-)

  2. Love hearing and seeing "the haven" coming into springtime "alive" . . .
    Liked the "sleepy three" and "pesky other" . . .
    Dandelion field at seed is quite the sight . . .
    Fresh mow is "the best!"

  3. I think if they could talk they would be saying ahhhhh, spring,, just soaking up that sunshine,, happy critters for sure,

  4. Holy moley, that's a lot of dandelion fluff!

  5. off topic but look! thought it might interest you (https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/for/5561098807.html)

  6. the "little girls" look so big now, even without their wool, and especially compared with this time last year. a farm full of cute. --suz in ohio


  7. WOW, I had no idea the pigs got that big! For some reason I thought their breed (kun kun but I know I spelled it wrong)... stayed a bit smaller.

  8. We are overrun with dandelions as well but the chickadees are loving it. I guess they want to spread the seed for future meals. There's no need fighting it because the birds are very good gardeners of their favorite foods. I can put up with the dandelions as long as I have the beautiful birds and our ducks love them too!

  9. We are over run with all kinds of weeds..thanks to the rain..MaryAnn just wanted to play..Cute!!Too bad she wasn't appreciated...Mowing is rewarding for a short time anyway..

  10. Such a lovely post with gorgeous and enchanting images. Thank you so much for sharing. :)


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