Friday, May 20, 2016

My Peaceful Place

There is nothing more peaceful and satisfying to me
than taking a break from mowing and weeding...
to sit quietly with the donkeys.

I'd have to say that of all the animals on the farm,
I feel a deep inner connection with these two girls.
Spending time with them is good for the soul.

We just may have found the cure for just about anything that ails you!

Wow!  Another Friday has arrived already!
We have an exciting weekend planned.
We are heading to Maryland on Saturday to go to the Preakness.
The weather is not in our favor... but we'll have a good time anyway.
Tim and Amanda are holding down the fort for us.


  1. Have fun at the Preakness! I hope the Canadian horse Nyquist wins again. You know, before he won the Kentucky Derby, Nyquist drank out of the Stanley Cup for good luck. I wonder if he'll get to repeat that for this race?

  2. There's just something so special about any of the equines that quiets our souls. I felt peaceful just watching.

  3. I can only imagine how comforting sitting with the donkeys is,, have a great weekend,

  4. Great it is to have . . . "Soul Time" . . .
    Enjoy your Preakness weekend . . .
    Hope the weather turns out okay !

  5. I can see by FB that you are having a good time...enjoy!


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