Thursday, May 12, 2016

Macy's Chicks Keep Growing

And so it is with kids of all sorts....
they keep growing and you cannot do anything to slow it down!
Macy's chicks are getting bigger by the day.

Every day they display more adult behaviors.
The little roosters challenge each other and jump at each other with their feet...
just like adult roosters do when they fight.

These three roosters are not fighting.
There is no aggression in their behavior.
They just cannot help themselves...
they are practicing for the future.

They spend most of the daylight hours out in their yard searching for tasty bugs.

What used to be a thick, lush, green carpet of weed 
is now trampled down and dying.
And so it is with chickens.

This is how it always is.
Chickens vs. vegetation = dead vegetation.

If you ever have the idea that perhaps having chickens in your garden will rid your garden of unwanted are correct.
However, you will also rid your garden of wanted plants!
I kid you not.

Just the other week I was telling you how we use those portable poultry fences to keep the chickens 
out of the blueberries.

Guess who found their way around the fences.

At least there are no blueberries yet.
(Note to self:  add more fence.)

Yesterday I spent several hours off the farm...
spending the day with my mom and step-mom...
out to lunch and a visit to my aunt.
Upon my return home, I took all of our lunch scraps out to the chickens.

On my arrival they came running...
anticipating a treat.

And of course they were not disappointed!

They kindly shared the dinner rolls

(but only because they were too big for one to carry of by oneself!)

Normal chicken behavior is to grab a big piece of food and run for the hills.

It's been another gloomy week here...
lots of clouds, occasional showers, barely any sun.

Things are so green and beautiful.

Everything is in bloom.

I was met by this sunrise this week...

and when I turned around this rainbow, pink from the sunrise, was behind me.
Showers followed.

If you've seen the sun, please send it our way.
We truly miss it here.
I am hoping Friday's predicted rains stay away at least for the morning.
The yearly preschool class field trip to "Miss Beverly's farm" is tomorrow.
I love having 30+ little visitors to the farm...
and the animals love it as well!


  1. Beautiful sunrise photo and the pink rainbow is so cool! I've never seen anything like that. Hope the rain holds off for the little ones but the children never are bothered by the weather. I remember many soggy field trips!

  2. Greening up perfectly . . .
    Love the Pink Rainbow . . . a first for me!

  3. Fun to see the chickens finishing our yummy lunch..They are so lucky..
    Yes, things are very lush around here but we need a little sun to go with it..Pretty rainbow.."red skies in morning, etc...."Glad your blueberries are safe (so far)..Gotta stay on top of things every minute!!!

  4. i hope the rain holds off for you! what fun the kids will have. i just heard that we are getting flurries this weekend. i'll have to cover everything!


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