Friday, May 27, 2016

And The Makeovers Continue....

I'm starting to believe that the "Littles" and the long-eared "Littles"
think they are living in a different latitude than the rest of the farm.

Every spring their shedding just cannot keep up with the rise in temperature.
They're probably more suited to life in Alaska.

And so, each late Spring I get out the clippers and start buzzing away.

Yesterday was clipping day (and mowing day, and laundry day, and vacuuming day).

Red and Ollie were the first to get clipped,
and I have to say they were perfect gentlemen.
They get clipped in the stall aisle of the barn...
held still in cross-ties.

I think they knew that they would soon be feeling much more comfortable.

Moonbeam is a great shedder and blows off his winter coat early in the spring...
saving me the laborious job of shaving him.

Donnie was a little nervous with the clippers,
but generous helpings of treats soon calmed him down.

Scarlet, I am saving for another day.
Just getting a halter on her is quite the task.
Scarlet always has her own agenda.

As for the donkeys...haltering them and getting them into the barn is another story,
so I tried it without tying them.

In their yard, armed with lots of treats, I waited for them to come to me...
Chloe obliged.
I offered her a treat...
turned on the clippers...
offered another treat...
held the clippers against her neck...
offered another treat...
began clipping.

As long as the treats kept coming, she held perfectly still.
I left her belly fringe in place as a barrier for the flies,
but removed the hair on her back to help keep her cooler.

Well, that's another story.
She wasn't planning on a haircut yesterday.
She said, "No, thank you very much."

Another day perhaps... and maybe with another set of hands to help!

Guess who I had dinner with last night?

You guessed it....the Pink Fairy!


  1. Sounds you need at least four hands for clipping day! I'll bet they are much more comfortable now. Dinner with the little fairy! What fun. Enjoy your day!

  2. can you come and do teddy? she needs shaved so bad but of course will not let me snip a hair. that pink fairie sure is getting big!

  3. I don't clip my minis.. now I'm feeling guilty about that.. lol...


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