Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A New Chapter for Egg, Fish, Jelly and Petunia

There are four new souls on the farm.
They arrived yesterday...
brought to their forever home by two of our farm friends.

Meet Macy...

and her four chickens Egg, Fish, Jelly, and Petunia.

These four white chickens were part of a school hatching project.
At the end of the project, homes had to be found for these four.

And when Macy's little sister Maggie suggested that they come to live here on the farm...
I couldn't help but agree.

Yesterday, amidst tears and kisses (chicken kisses),

Egg, Fish, Jelly and Petunia moved into the brooder house...
our chicken house closest to the farmhouse.

At least one of these four is a rooster for sure
(we heard him crow).
One is a hen.
The other be determined.

They are exceptionally tame as you can tell by the photos!

After the chickens were moved into their spacious new home,
we headed out with pockets of Ritz crackers to visit the other animals.

It was the hike of the walking wounded...
Macy, with a fractured leg,

Maggie, with a fractured collar bone.

These two are very active gals who love, love, love animals!

The animals were quite enamored with these little visitors.
It might have had something to do with the Ritz crackers that were
handed out so generously.

Thanks, Macy, for entrusting us with the care of your precious chickens.
I promise we will take very good care of them!
You can visit them whenever you like.

Goodbyes can be so very hard.


  1. Awwwwww.......that last picture, seriously. Love their names!

  2. Aw - this post brought tears to my eyes. You can see the love they have for each other. I'm happy for the girls and the chickens that they will be staying together and now have a happy, loving, forever home. :)

  3. what a beautiful hay ending for the chickens,, with the two little wounded girls, the Ritz crackers and the friendly chickens ,, wow, thats a tv show right there lol,,

  4. Yes, parting is such sweet sorrow. They couldn't have a better home. Sweet post! Xxoo

  5. how sweet but i am sure they know that their precious chickens are in chicken heaven.

  6. What lucky chickens to have found a good home with you! You know, Ritz crackers should really pay you for all the publicity you provide them. Pay you in Ritz crackers!

  7. OH, how sweet your pictures are today of the girls and their chickens, and of course all the beautiful animals on your farm. I do hope the girls will come back often to visit their chickens. I know how that is. A year or two ago we had a wild pheasant that would come up to our glass door and tap on it with his beak, looking for handouts. I'm sad for the girls' tears but hope they realize what a good place yours will be for their chicken friends. Good for you Bev!

  8. Hi Beverly,
    What a great post! The chickens could not have found a better home. The girls are so sweet.. I hope they do come to visit..


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