Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Philosophical Mowing

With each rising sun comes an opportunity...
the opportunity to be the best version of ourselves.

The beauty of this is that it is not something that is dependent upon external conditions.

No, instead, it is a choice to meet whatever the day brings with positivity.

Why so philosophical today? you ask.

Well...this is what happens when I spend a little too much time mowing.
And since we are in "grass-growing" season, there's much to be mown!

Thankfully the animals are all doing a good job of mowing their own yards.

The sheep are now grazing again.
However, during the warmer hours of the afternoon,
they lie in their favorite spots and nap.

Hope always naps in the same spot...
right next to this cement dog that marks the grave of a well-loved pet.

She lies here every day... most times using the cement dog as a pillow.

Isn't she the sweetest?
Her soft little mouth is always turned up into a subtle smile.

Inside the sheep yard is one of my favorite trees.

This craggy old fairy tree is what remains of an old dead apple tree.
(Perhaps planted long ago by Johnny Appleseed?)

Over the past few years it is in the grass at the base of this tree that we find our morel mushrooms.
And this year for the first time, new branches have emerged
and are blossoming.

Perhaps apples will once again grow on the fairy morel tree!

Tom is finally over the spring molt and once again has a lovely tail.
More time will be needed for those feathers to grow to their finished length.

Chuck, however, still looks like he was worked over by an egg beater!

I finished two more cross-back aprons...
each with its own sense of humor.

One in beige linen checks...

And one in pink linen.

PS:  Dear friends....thank you for all of the heartfelt comments you have left for me
over the past week.
I am blessed by your generosity!


  1. i say bad words too. i love the aprons! isn't that something about the fairy tree? sometimes while walking through my gardens, i just stop and stare in disbelief at what i see. mother nature sure has a mind of her own.

  2. OMG...those aprons are great and the sayings that you have chosen are just perfect. Good job! I love the first two pictures on your post.

  3. These aprons are perfect!! Love the sayings . lol

    Enjoy, Janie

  4. How wonderful to see the old apple tree spring to life once more with new growth, leaves and blossoms -- never say die, eh?

  5. Your photos are lovely as is your philosophy. And those aprons - I especially love "I say bad words."

  6. Hope has a secret - one can tell by her sweet smile. The ceramic dog marker probably warms up nicely for a slumbering sheep pillow. I love Hope. Your blog makes me happy. And now - yet another happiness, your aprons!!! They are divine. I say bad words too.

  7. I adore all your creative!


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