Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Of Warp And Weft

Just when we thought that winter had left and spring was here to stay...
Mother Nature decided to play a cruel trick on us.
She swapped out March for April and vice-versa!

Looking at Ginger lying here in the sun, you might think it a sunny warm afternoon.
You'd never guess that it was only in the 30's when this photo was taken.
No wonder this gal is soaking up the sun's rays!

Although MaryAnn had been sunbathing as well, curiosity got the better of her
and she decided to check out the new ball that I brought them.

These two are always interested in the dogs' balls...
so I thought they needed one of their own.

The sheep are not complaining about the their fleece coats remain intact.
Hopefully things begin to warm up by next week, because after that they will only be wearing lightweight wool pajamas!

I sank my fingers into their fleece yesterday and found that my entire fingers disappear into wool before touching flesh.
I am so excited to see how much wool comes off of these gals...
and also what they look like without their fleece.

Since it's too cold to work in the garden, I have been trying out my loom.
With a merino/alpaca/silk mix I am weaving a scarf.

I've got to say... weaving is relaxing...

and a bit addicting.
It is certainly much faster than knitting, and the fabric has an entirely different feel to it
than something that is knitted.
I am learning that it has it's own vocabulary as well.
The warp are the gold and red yarns that run up and down in this photo.
The weft is the red yarn that is woven side to side.

It won't be long before I will be able to show you my first finished piece.

Ivy loves the loom and tries to attack the yarn...
so I encouraged her to busy herself on her favorite window sill....

watching the birds and squirrels that come to the bird feeders.

No wonder we go through so much bird seed!


  1. A loom is on my wish list, your weaving looks lovey great colours, I must restrain and not buy a loom just yet :-)

  2. now i have loom envy, along with knitting envy, farm envy, animal envy....on and on!

  3. Wow, that's a damn nice scarf for your first attempt at weaving!

  4. Wow, that was a quick setup! Were the instructions very clear on how to do everything? I'm always! The scarf will be beautiful!

  5. It is the same weather here to spring and winter are in a battle and I ma hoping spring wins soon lol ! Lovely photos . Oh that loom looks great your gona be looming/weaving like mad making all kinds of things ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. And just like that you are weaving. Amazing. You have so many talents. Can't wait to see all your made things. Hopefully the weather will get better sooner rather than later. It will be 90 degrees here in Northern California! UNREAL.

  7. Yup...the Weft goes to the left...and right..You didn't waste anytime...lookin' good..I got some "seedling" bushes in the mail yesterday..Sure can't plant them while it's this cold..They are dormant so I hope they will be OK..Supposed to warm up a little next week...We are going to go from 40-90 pretty fast, I fear..Hope you are having a good day...

  8. I can't wait to see the finished product. It's already pretty!


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