Thursday, April 21, 2016

More Excitement in the Wilds

There was so much excitement in the "wilds" of the farm
too much to post with yesterday's bear photos.

That camera that brought us those wonderful bear photos
has in it's sights an area of our woods that is an open meadow
and a hotbed of animal activity.

There were the typical turkey photos....

And several deer photos...



And then the most surprising occurrence..,
just before dusk...
(Before the time that the bears become active.)

This interaction between deer and turkey...

Deer:  "You better find your friends and get the flock out of here.  
I hear there are some hungry bear in the area!"
Turkey:  "Gee, thanks!"
Deer:  "No problem...I've got your back."

This groundhog did see his shadow...or maybe he see's somebody else's!

When combing through all of the photos,
it seemed that whenever the bears left the area,
the raccoons then came in.

I suppose everyone is hungry right now.

And of course no group of nature pictures is complete without Mr. Fox
scurrying by!

PS... (To Rita.... check out for sewing patterns like I made this week)


  1. Wow wow wow what wonderful wildlife you have managed to capture, just caught up with your bear post too, I am thinking now of getting hubby a camera to set up we have a special anniversary this year :-)

  2. My, what a busy wood you have there! Thanks for sharing this wild post with a suburbanite! We don't get too many of these critters in our neighborhood. ;0D

  3. Great camera catches . . .
    and great Deer/Tuurkey conversation!

  4. Amazing to see the variety of wildlife in your backyard!!! Just beautiful.

  5. they really like that spot,, what are they all eating I wonder,, its the hot spot in town for critters,

  6. You really do have a hotbed!!! Great pictures! I've been wanting to go sit in my deer stand (really like an outhouse without seats or a hole) and take some pictures but been so busy with the warm weather finally here that I haven't made it out there yet. I'll post when I do.

  7. Thanks for the sewing link!!! Checking it out now!

  8. Lots going on in the woods at night there . Great shots , Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. Hi Bev,
    I love that you have a way to view the darkness at night without without putting yourself in danger.. It is really exciting to see all the creatures that wander about.. Oh, and I did see your post with the bears! I have been waiting for them to show up.. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Lots of activity in those woods..Great shots!!


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