Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Today's post is brief.
As I write it there are tears dripping on my keyboard.

Yesterday I received this photo in a text...

from Dr. Becky's hubby who is our UPS driver.
He saw it on his route.

Sadly, I had to do the right thing.
If one of my precious pups were missing, I would want someone to contact me as well.
It would have been so easy to keep him... but that would have been wrong.
It's our loss.

His owner is just a young fellow....
he lives quite far away and was visiting his Mother when his pup disappeared.

I urged him to micro-chip Blitz (aka Tucker)
and to put an identifier on his collar.
He was grateful for the care we had given his pup.

So, I packed up "Tucker's" new toys and handed him over to his boy.

My heart is a little bit broken right now.
But, it was the right thing to do.

PS....Hubbs did text his owner and tell him that if he changes his mind about the dog,
or falls on hard times,
we would take him back in a heartbeat.

On an even sadder note, Dr. Becky's 12 year old Aussie Shepherd passed away yesterday.
Indie was a special soul... seen here in the snow this winter.
(Dr. Becky is Hubbs' sister...her home is on our farm as well.)

The snow has been replaced by clouds....because all dogs go to heaven!


  1. you have done the right thing as hard as it was, he will have left a little paw print on you heart, sorry to hear of your SIL loss

  2. Well done for doing the right thing, although it may be hard you would hope someone else would do the same for you if one of your pups ever goes on an adventure

  3. So sorry to hear of the losses of Dr. Becky and also, of you. I'm sure that young man has learned a valuable lesson and is beyond grateful. How quickly they grab onto our hearts though.

  4. so sorry to hear all of this news. was tucker happy to see his owner?

  5. What a sad day all around. It's hurts sometimes when you do the right thing.

    "I believe in Karma. If the good is sown, the good is collected. When positive things are made, that returns as well." Yannick Noah

  6. Such a sad day for sure!! Sending hugs to you and Dr. Becky.

  7. Sorry for your pain as well as Dr. Becky's. Something good is coming your way. I just know it. These things have a way of working themselves out. It won't replace Tucker, but it'll be just what you need. Continued blessings...

  8. So sad for you, but as you and others have said, it's the right thing to do. The right one will find you...you know that. Hugs.

  9. I am so sorry! But I am also happy that Blitz found you guys when he was lost. I think he had an awesome vacation! :-) And I'll bet his boy is so happy to have found Blitz again. You did the right (but hard!) thing.

  10. Oh no! Sad day at BHA... So sorry for you all. ... Big ,big hugs !

  11. Very sad . . .
    But I agree . . . It was the right thing to do . . .

  12. Sorry for Dr.Becky's loss and for the loss of Tucker too. I hope the young owner takes your good advice and gets him microchipped. How did Tucker react to his owner?

  13. So sorry you had to lose this adorable puppy...your heart must be broken. So sad for you but the young man must have been thrilled. Sorry about Dr. Becky's loss....tough times.

  14. Very sad about Indie and Tucker. But you did the right thing, as you say. Tucker needed a friend on his way home and you gave him that.

  15. oh my,,, you did the right thing even though it causes you so much pain, I'm so sorry for your friends dogs passing,, its never easy is it.I still miss each one of our four legged family members and its been a while.I can only imagine how grateful Blitz's owner was to get him back,, I hope he takes good care of him,,

  16. Tucker didn't come into your life because you needed him...you came into his life because he needed you. He might have been killed or seriously injured had he continued to wander loose. It is so sad to see him go, but you would have always felt bad about it if you had ignored the poster.

    Poor Dr. Becky and husband. He probably felt really sorry to be the one to tell you about Tucker's owner. And to have lost their own dog so recently must have made it even worse.

  17. Pointers have huge litters, 10, 12, 14 puppies. When someone finds a special puppy I always wonder about the littermates. It would make an interesting story to track them down. I would bet that one or more needs a new home by now.

  18. So sorry for your loss and Dr.Becky's. You did the right thing. Another door will open for you to fill your heart with love.

    Hugs, Janie

  19. Awe I am sorry to hear about Dr Becky's dog , and yes you did do the right thing but I am sorry that Tucker will be leaving your family and hope all goes well for him . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  20. You all have good hearts. Good things will return to you when you least expect it. So sorry to hear about the loss of Dr. Becky's dog.

  21. Tears here for all of you. Tucker seemed the perfect fit for your household, but God had other plans. Can't wait to hear what (who?) the future brings to the fold.

    And tears for Dr. Becky's loss as well. My Aussie is at my feet catching her breath after our Frisbee Soccer game. We lost one nearly five years ago, and we chose our new Molly soon after.

  22. OOOh. so sorry for your losses. You are a good, good soul.

  23. I would have been heartbroken too about Tucker and I'm so sorry to hear about Inde. You are a good person.

  24. Oh, so sorry to hear about Tucker. I hope that his owner will get in touch with you if he decides he can't keep him any more. I know you guys would have fattened him up pretty fast. Well, at least you gave him a few lovely days with your gang on the farm. You have a beautiful heart Bev. I'm sure you'll have the chance to share it with another sweet dog one of these days. Chin up!

  25. Aww, I'm so sorry Bev and Becky. It's been a hard day for you for sure. :-(

  26. Gosh Bev,, what a tuff few days of heart strings ... but I so agree with you... it was the right thing to do...(Tucker)... and as for Becky's beloved fur kid,,, Better to have them and love them and shed tears when we have to let go of them as they go over the Rainbow Bridge,,, then to never have known their love...


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