Friday, April 29, 2016

Another Escape

We are in the midst of Spring rains!

And these two girls are not happy about it!
They spent a little time out in the pasture grazing...
but when that was over were eager to get into their dry stall.

"Just look at these bangs!" complained Daphne.

I tried my best to finger-comb them for her...
but not much better.

Chloe, on the other hand was sporting a wet-look spiked top "do".

The horses and ponies, with their luxurious forelocks, are un-phased by the rain.

Tuesday afternoon I ran to the feed store for chicken feed.
Upon my return to the farm, our neighbors came running across the street...
waving me down, exclaiming, "The donkeys escaped!"

(a couple of bad words escaped my lips)
With very little effort, we escorted them back to their yard.
Apparently, when bringing them in from the pasture,
I passed through this gate...

and left the chain just looped over the gate.

Unfortunately, the wind blew the gate open
and Daphne and Chloe went on a walk-a-bout.
The thing about donkeys is, although an open gate with fresh grass awaiting might be enticing...
they are quite insecure when not in their normal habitat...
and will quickly return home with very little coaxing.

"There's no place like home!" says Chloe with a wink.


You might remember a couple of weeks ago we had our barn kitty TomTom to the vet.
His upper respiratory infection was cleared up with antibiotics.
Tuesday was the day his polyp removal was scheduled for.

Hubbs dropped him at the vet early in the morning.
I received a call mid-morning from the vet...
no nasopharyngeal polyps found.
Good surgery needed.
Bad news.... no easy cure for his respiratory problems.
(As you can see from this picture...TomTom is a mouth breather...
his little tongue is always sticking out just a little.)

Well, another Friday is here.
We have a big weekend planned...
Tyler and his Mommy, Mackenzie and her Daddy,
and the newlyweds, Tim and Amanda will be here for the weekend.
How I love family weekends!
Hope your weekend is full of fun as well.

Margy in is where we ordered our portable fences...


  1. Let the Good Times begin . . .
    Bet there will be some yummy eats waiting for everyone . . .
    I hope the weather is great for some outdoor walks/hikes/playtime!
    Happy the donkeys are back in their space and Tom did not have to have surgery!

  2. I have nominated you for a Libester blog award pop over to my blog for details :-)

  3. Oh, TomTom! Glad he doesn't need surgery though.

  4. Thanks of the fence info!!! I'm sorry I never thought to give you my email!!!
    Margy in KY

  5. poor tom tom but at least no surgery! have a great weekend!

  6. I love donkeys and you make me love them more lol,,,
    I'm so glad Tom doesn't need surgery,, we have in our family a marmalade cat thats a mouth breather,, he just turned 19,, he's noisey but happy,
    have a wonderful weekend,,

  7. Another donkey adventure...Bad girls..So glad TT doesn't need surgery.Enjoy your weekend !!!

  8. Glad your donkeys didn't go far! We are having rain here too but I kinda' like bangs look like the girls all the time so I can use the rain as an excuse. Heehee. Have a wonderful family weekend!

  9. As usual, love your posts.
    I have had a lot of success with homeopathy (including the use of essiac) for my cats, where the vet could not do anythng, after spending hundreds of dollars.

    Summer from Australia.


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