Monday, April 4, 2016

A Weekend of the Unexpected

Well, as it turns out, today will be a quiet day on the farm.
We had originally scheduled sheep shearing for today,
however, an Arctic blast moved into our area making our nighttime temperatures dip into the 20's...
a bit too cold for our sweet little sheep to be out without their warm fleece.

We moved shearing day to next Monday instead.
And, yes...they will definitely be able to see much better after that!

We had a bit of excitement this past weekend due to our wild weather.
Strong winds blew through on Saturday night.

We awoke on Sunday to a little unexpected snow on the ground! 

Sunday morning, while doing AM chores, we found this tree...

half up-rooted and laying across the top of the chicken yard.

The wind was still blowing fiercely, and each time the wind blew the ground would heave
and the roots would lift up.

Sadly, Hubbs had to get the chainsaw and sacrifice the tree...
as we risked the collapse of the chicken yard.

Forty-five minutes later the tree was down and the chickens were safe again.
Unfortunately, this tree provided a lot of shade for the chickens in the heat of summer.

The kids cooked Sunday dinner for me as a birthday treat.
My kids are great cooks!

Mackenzie's Daddy made dinner,
and her Mommy baked this cake.

Our little Mackenzie is now eating table food.

With chicken cooked soft, and veggies steamed soft and a ripe pear for lunch...
she grinds up her food with her toothless gums and does quite well.
She is an independent little girl and likes to feed herself (with both hands!)...
which works out well for her puppy, Sam, as he gets whatever drops on the floor!

What a surprise Sunday turned out to I got to spend the day with my two favorite little people...
Tyler and Mackenzie!

I had time to get quite a lot of spinning done this weekend.
Ivy and I had to come to an understanding, as she began attacking my wool roving.
Eventually she settled into the sunshine for a nap and I was able to peacefully continue spinning.

I received some questions about my spinning wheel.
This wheel was a gift from Hubbs a year ago.
I truly do not know much about the types of spinning wheels out there, 
however, they all work relatively the same way.
Mine is a Schacht Matchless Double Treadle.
I love spinning with it...although I have nothing to compare it to.
The gals in my fiber group all said it is a very good that is all I can tell you.


  1. Lovely photos , Oh my what a sweety . lovely cake . Glad your enjoying your spinning wheel my mum loved hers . yup we got more snow then we would of liked and cold air and high winds howling after all was soo green warn and lush , old man winter pulled the wool over our eyes again never fails this time of year just when ya think winter is finally over then SMACK ! it hits again GEESH ! Our Miggs just got her thick heavy coat cut off and now she doesn't want to stay out side for long with the cold and snow where as before she would sleep in it with the big coat . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. Too bad about the chicks losing their shade tree . . .
    This wind, cold, weather has been a challenge around here too . . .
    I think it was warmer in February than it has been in the past few weeks!
    Little Miss M is growing up . . . munching up those veggies already . . .
    I like her "head bow" much more than the elastic ones, bet it feels better too!
    Yummy looking cake!

  3. too bad about the tree. the wind blew my potting shed door open so hard that it cracked and now has to be rebuilt. it was a cold opening day but brendan still got sunburned. looks like you had a good birthday!

  4. Happy belated birthday to you! Thank you for sharing all your lovely photos.

  5. Oooh, that lil' girl is eatin' well! Yummy veg!
    Glad you had a good birthday, and waht a treat to have someone cook dinner and make such a delicious cake for you!
    Looking forward to seeing the shearing.

  6. Sorry about the tree..Gorgeous cake...Glad you had a surprise Birthday dinner for your birthday..Always a treat.Hope you enjoyed your day..


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