Tuesday, March 29, 2016

We're Shedding Our Winter Clothes

Winter is over.
And although the chilly winds of March are roaring through our treetops as I write this,
there are so many visible signs of Spring's arrival here on the farm.

Besides the verdant hue to the underbrush, 
the daffodils with their joyous faces turned towards the sun, 
 and the eruption of tiny blossoms on most of the trees...
the animals are giving us signs that the warmth of the sun is not just a fantasy.

The fainting goats are changing out their winter vestments for their summer attire.

These peaceful grazers are well equipped for surviving frigid winters,
as they are amazing cashmere growers.

As you can see on Sally...

her cashmere coat is starting to shed,

hanging like blond dreadlocks from her normally red sides.

This is just the beginning of their shedding.
In a few weeks, they will look as though they've been attacked by moths...
their fine winter coats hanging in shreds across their backs.

Each year as this super soft undercoat begins to loosen,
Becky pulls it from the goats and saves it in a bag.
(Eventually I will spin this cashmere into yarn for her.)

There is a specific goat breed that is raised for cashmere,
and fainting goats are not that breed.
However, any goat can grow cashmere...
and it just so happens that several of our fainters do it quite well.

I've been slowly changing our home's winter look to a light spring one...
opening porches that were closed due to winter's chill for the past several months.

This is the screen porch off of our dining room and kitchen.

It's where we eat most of our late-spring to mid-autumn meals.
We had hoped to eat here this past weekend, but the thermometer advised us against it!

It won't be long before we will be sitting there obeying that little red sign on the wall.

Our new house kitty Ivy has adjusted well to her new home.
She has learned that height is her best friend when navigating rooms with dogs.

Window sills provide a place to safely hide,
as well as a great vantage point for watching the birds and squirrels who frequent our feeders.


  1. I love your sun/ screen porch . Lovely photos . Yes all the animals here domestic and wild lol are also shedding and our Miggs is going in to get hers all shaved off on Saturday she has a very thick shaggy coat over the winter months . Yes spring has sprung here to and we are loving it ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. How nice to be able to make yarn from the goats and sheep! I would love to learn to spin - it's on my list! I love your large screen porch. Great that you can eat out there. Have a great week. I'm sure you will be working in the garden. I know I will!

  3. So interesting! I wonder if the shedding feels "itchy" to them. That first photo really made me smile!
    And your porch is lovely, as is Ivy.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog,


  4. You have beautiful and interesting home. Show us more if you are comfortable with that. We would love to see it.

  5. What a lovely little goaty smile in that first photo!

  6. Ivy is livin' the dream and a screened porch is something that has been on my wish list for forever! Love your table centerpiece. What is up with the bare-necked chicken in the photo with Sally? She seems unperturbed by her lack of feathers. Just wondering!

  7. smart kitty! it looks like we might be getting a cold start to april! your porch is wonderful!

  8. I am so glad Spring is here! I'm sure the goats will be happy when all the shedding is done, looks like they need to shake and shake. Love the porch and dear Ivy!! Have great day!

  9. Shedding sounds exciting at BeeHaven . . .
    Weaving Cashmere sounds wonderful . . .
    Screened porches have such a charm . . .
    I wait for some May warmth to open our porch for relaxin!
    Happy spring days Beverly . . .
    Liked the comfy spot for the kitten to watch the outdoors . . .


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