Friday, March 18, 2016

Under The Weather

Poor TomTom is a little under the weather these days.
He is suffering from nasopharyngeal polyps.
He had them surgically removed 5 years ago...
and they've grown back.
If you remember TomTom having surgery, then you have been visiting the farm for at least 5 years!

He is going to have more surgery in the very near future.
Poor boy.
He has become a "mouth-breather" lately, and no longer meows.
So.... it's time.

And speaking of the weather...
yesterday was the craziest of days, weather-wise!
Conditions seemed to change every half hour or so.
We had sunshine, clouds, wind, rain, thunder, hail and sunshine....repeat!

In the afternoon while the horses were snacking and I was cleaning up manure,
the sky turned the darkest shade of grey and thunder rumbled in the distance.
The horses kept eating.

All of a sudden the skies opened and rain fell.
The wind blew wildly.
The horses kept eating.

It thundered and blew.
Hail began pelting the metal barn roof and the backs of the horses.
The horses kept eating.

Five minutes later the sun was shining again.
The horses kept eating.

Weird and wild... this Springtime has been so far!
Oh, and by the way.... while all of this schizophrenic weather was happening...
the donkeys were no where to be seen!

Even the sheep had the good sense to stay inside!

You might notice that you can hardly see Hope's eyes.
She has just tiny little areas that she can see through.
Thank goodness she is going to be sheared in the next month...
she's heading towards wool blindness!

Off the needles:
My Reyna shawl knitted from sock yarn in the color Eggplanted (same yarn used for my sock)

It is being blocked right now.

On the needles:
A mosaic piece called Emberwarm, by Mimi Codd of Eskimimi Makes

This pattern is really fun and should be beautiful when finished!

I must admit, I am in love with wool...both on the sheep and off!

Can you believe it is Friday again?
Tonight is date night with two of my favorite guys.
We are taking Tyler to the movies to see Disney's Zootopia and then he is sleeping over
at Grammie and Muppy's farm.
What fun we will have!!
Hoping you will have a fun weekend as well!


  1. Sheepy Eyes Adorable . . .
    Yes indeed, time for a shear . . .
    Oh my Bev, your shawl . . . you knit beautifully!
    And the new pattern/yarn looks scrumptious . . .
    We too are experiencing schizophrenic weather . . .
    And the wind destroyed my one spring entrance piece . . .
    "Doctoring up" to take place today . . .

  2. Poor TomTom... We had the same weather without the hail! Molly was with the donkeys! Love the new color on your needles. Have fun with Ty! It will be a whole new world for the sheep when they can't see you again! 💐

  3. Darn auto correct...!... It was right the first time ...Sorry

  4. Poor TomTom! It looks like everything is greening up nicely there.

  5. I am inspired by your knitting! I am usually a quilter, but with all the lovely things I see online I have gotten out the needles again. Have a great weekend with your little guy!

  6. That eggplant yarn is gorgeous... and I have often thought maybe I should try knitting... but I don't feel I have the patience to stick it out. Love that new pattern, wow.

    We had the same weather in CT yesterday... weird. The big horses went inside for the bad stuff, the minis stayed out in it, as usual.

  7. Looks like the horses don't seem to care what the weather is as long as they have food lol ! Lovely photos and wonderful work of the knitting . It was sunny here and now it is raining and hailing and looks like the sun will be out again soon , spring is full of beauty and mixed up weather lol !Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend with the little one .

  8. That's some seriously crazy weather you had. It's been so nice here these last few days, but tonight rain is supposed to move in and the temps are going back down into the 50's. Oh well, spring is definitely on the way!

  9. My 3 and 6 year old grandsons loved Zootopia. I did, too. It was much better than the last movie we saw, The Good Dinosaur, which I thought was too scary and too intense for them. They didn't like it at all. Several times, we were ready to leave but kept thinking it would turn into the kind of cute, sweet, feel good movie we expected. No such luck.

  10. Love how those horses just roll (or don't roll) with the punches. That really was a weird day for weather there. Your yarn and projects are beautiful, too! Hope you have fun with the kiddos- I know you will. xo Diana


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