Monday, March 21, 2016

It's Spring!!!!

One of the last things I said on Friday was...
"I love wool, both on the sheep and off."

After this weekend, I might be a little less in love.
(not really)
It was a trying weekend in terms of wool...both on the sheep and off.

It all started Friday afternoon.
I drove to town to pick up Tyler to bring him home for part of the weekend.
Upon our arrival home, I received a text...
"Did you know your sheep are out?"

"#**&%^(&$"... said I, under my breath.
At that moment the phone rang.
It was Becky... "Hey, your sheep are out."

Tyler and I flew out the door and hopped in the gator.
We drove to the sheep pen...sure enough it was empty.
Further up the lane, there were three sheep standing outside the fainting goat's gate.
It was obvious they were not happy being out "on the lamb".

It took next to no coaxing to send them scurrying back down the lane and right 
into their own yard again.
As I've said before... sheep are not party animals...not by a long shot.

Remember the mosaic knitting project?
I was really enjoying it, until I realized that the project had strayed just a tiny bit from
the pattern... but enough to completely ruin the design.
Ugh.... I ripped it out and started over.... this was Saturday night.
Apparently 24 hours with a 5 year old had fried my brain.
I restarted the pattern, ripped again, restarted, ripped again, restarted.
Finally I made a little headway.

I am almost back to where I was on Friday.
Lesson learned....this is not a project to work on unless my brain is 100%.

On the subject of Tyler's visit...
we had a blast.

This particular 5 year old never stops talking.

And he loves to share family secrets.

Zootopia is a great kid's (as well as adult's) movie.
Disney scores again.

Sunday was farm business as usual.
After farm breakfast, we always wash and pack the week's worth of eggs to be sold
 the following week.

Our chickens have been laying like crazy...
3 ½ to 5 dozen a day.

We washed and packed 28 dozen eggs... of all colors.

Green and blue from this gal and her sisters...

Browns from most of the flock...

And tiny white ones from this old gal (7 years old this spring) and her sisters...

I cannot say this enough times....if you are on the fence about having a small flock of chickens...
don't hesitate....DO IT!
There is nothing in this world better than a fresh farm egg 
from a truly happy, healthy, chicken...
who spends her day outside doing what chickens were meant to do.
(not inside some dark, industrial building... stressed out and miserable!)


  1. I can only knit when I am not tired and no visitors and never when there is something interesting on TV, I need 100% concentration, your chicken in the last pic looks like a crazy chick having a bad hair day :-)

  2. At least the sheep were easy to wrangle back in. What a boatload of eggs! Where do you sell them? We are very much looking forward to having chickens.

    Happy spring!

  3. Amen to your last message. I only buy farm fresh and local eggs. It's fun to see your animals, flocks and grands this morning.

  4. Bad sheep! Glad they didn't go very far. Good that you got your knitting back on track. I'm sure Tyler loves his time at the farm . You will all always have those memories. Eggs please! Xoxoxo

  5. i sure wish i was your neighbor....i would buy your eggs. but then if i was your neighbor, i'd probably have my own chickens!

  6. WOW ! you did have a busy yet fun weekend ! Lovely photos . Oh those sheep just wanted to visit the other farm animals I bet lol ! WOW ! lovely;y haul of eggs , oh I know fresh farm eggs are the best we get them form our local farm here who raises free range hens and the eggs are soo good ! Glad you got your knitting back on track . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. lovely easter bonnet on that last chick. great post - looks as if your sheep are "many bags full" of wool. --suz in ohio

  8. Happy the sheep found their home . . .
    I get that 100% attention when knitting . . .
    Looks like Tyler is getting to be a "master poop scooper!"


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