Thursday, March 3, 2016

In The Company of Dogs

Throughout my lifetime,
I have spent countless hours in the company of dogs.

Truth be told, dogs have been some of my closest friends.
Honest, loyal, loving...
you just cannot beat canine companionship.

We've loved and lost...
it's what you live with when you ask a dog to join your family.
Sadly, they live a short lifespan in comparison to ours.
When it happens, the loss feels unbearable.... like our hearts have collapsed
without the love to fill them.

Slowly, our hearts begin to open up.
The grief leaves and we are filled with loving memories.
And somehow we forget the pain...and jump right in again.

At one point in time we found ourselves with five dogs.
Now, to most people, five dogs seems like four too many.
Somehow, though, it worked.
Three of the five were elderly...and before too long, we found ourselves 
back down to two dogs... Oakley and Sam.

The following Spring we found Annie at the local shelter...

and she is now such an integral part of the family.

Fast forward to now.
I keep an eye on our local shelter's website...checking with some frequency to see what
animals are in need.

Weeks ago I saw this little fellow....
(no, it's not a picture of Annie)

he looked as though he could be Annie's brother, but he was 1 ½ years younger.
I used restraint and didn't move on my curiosity.

Tuesday, when Hubbs and I went to the shelter to pick out his house kitty,
Hubbs met this fellow in person.
Each time Hubbs walked past his yard, he stopped to talk to him, and pet him.
Needless to say, they made fast friends.

That evening there was much discussion about this Annie look-alike.
And the call was placed.

So.... next week, this little fellow is coming for a visit.
He will meet the canine family and we shall see how they all feel about each other.
Who knows....
he might stay.

"They're crazy!" some might say.

But, in my heart of hearts....
I know we can make all the difference in this dog's life.
If the other three are willing, we can give this dog the life he couldn't even dream of.
Our hope is that he and Annie bond and become playmates.
Sam and Oakley are both getting older now and their activity level is not at the same pace as Annie.
Having a playmate who is just as athletic as she is will be good for her.
And I can always use another "helper" at chore time!

We shall see... next week.
We will only proceed with the adoption if everyone in the house seems willing
to accept this friendly, playful, little guy into the family.

Without the farm, we would be a one, maybe two-dog-family.
But with all this room to run and play....
why not!

And who knows....maybe we are crazy!
But there sure are a lot of canine souls out there who just need a family to love...
and we've got a lot of love around here!


  1. When we lived on our farm we had 7 dogs at one point. Now living in a small town we have 4, three of which are the former farm dogs

  2. I think he'll be so thrilled with the farm and his playmate, that he'll be on his best behavior!
    I am so reticent to acquire a pooch, as I remember how painful it was when we lost our family pets. It's so hard to get through when you are used to their constant loyal companionship. I hope that someday I can once again take the plunge.
    Best wishes.

  3. Awww! I'm thinking all will turn out fine...but anxious to see how it works out. Good luck!

  4. I recently had to put down my old collie, he was 13 and life was no longer good for him. It broke my heart but now I am concentrating on the good times we had. I still have a younger collie and an elderly sheltie (all came from rescue groups) and I find myself checking the local shelter web sites. Somewhere there is a dog that needs me and there is room in my life.

  5. I love your new kitty and I hope the new pup will work out. We have four rescue dogs, a cat and 2 parrots, no farm unfortunately, it's not too much at all.

  6. I love your attitude. "Why not?" :) He is one lucky dog to have the life that awaits him. Deb

  7. Looks like a keeper.Keeping my fingers crossed! It would be nice to have another member of the family. Xxoo

  8. You are most definitely not crazy! Your family's open hearts change the lives of unwanted animals in the best possible on your farm is bliss for them.

    Little Ivy is adorable, and one lucky girl.

  9. Lovely photos ! That's wonderful I hope they all get along and he has his forever home with you all . I would love to have more dogs but the vet bills are soo expensive here for their yearly shots and what not . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. You are so NOT crazy! We just took in my sister in laws dog because she is too sick to take care of her. We did it carefully because we have a ten year old little mini dachshund but it paid off they are besties and romp around here like puppies! We lost an old poodle last year and this has helped so much! They don't live long enough for sure! TerriC

  11. Thumbs up for the little guy -- I hope he stays.

  12. If I had the land you have, I would have as many dogs as possible. You two be crazy! Can't wait to see if everything will work out for the look a like.

  13. For all the land and love you have...a few other pets is definitely ok and they are coming into a loving and wonderful home life! I appreciate and value your commitment to pet adoption! So happy to see the shelter kitty get a new life in your beautiful life and I am sure the doggy will fit in as well :)

  14. I hope things work out well and you have another dog in your lives :-)

  15. I think it is a GRAND idea . . .
    If he seems to blend well with the others . . .
    yours would be the best home ever . . .
    Love is evident in the recipe at BeeHaven . . .

  16. What a wonderful addition to your farm.. Your dogs are blessed to have you.
    Great post, Beverly
    Wishing you a joyful weekend

  17. did i miss this until now! another pup that could hit the bee haven acres lotto!!! i'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  18. If we lived on a farm...yes we would have two or three or more....
    We live in the suburbs and have a decent size we've had two....
    Recently we had to put our dear Belle down at the age of 9...too young for a lab...but she had spinal neuropathy and it was
    I struggled through the next few weeks...but...there was a void...
    So, Hubby and I found another yellow lab female to get....
    Now we are back to two...crazy yes, as the lab we have right now is 12 and isn't terribly fond of the energy girl! Slowly we are getting on a routine...but she wants to play all the time and the 12 yr old, not so much....
    If I were on a farm...I'd go get her a buddy who would want to play....but alas....not quite enough room or energy from us....
    I love your pictures...and your pups...hope the newest one works with the rest!


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