Friday, March 11, 2016

If Horses Had Fingers....

I cannot tell you how often I thank God that horses don't have fingers and opposable thumbs!
I can't even imagine all of the trouble that they would get into.

Their lips alone get them into more trouble than you can imagine!

" if I can just figure out how to work this latch...."

"I can get out in the pasture for a little more to eat!"

(They already spent hours out there...but it's never enough!!)

As I moved down through the dry lot cleaning up manure,
the Littles got into their own brand of mischief.

"Here, help me pull really hard, and maybe we can dump this bucket!"

See what I mean?  Imagine these two with fingers!

"How about a little tug of war?"

Red calls for reinforcements....

Meanwhile, Moonbeam has moved on to the pig house...
looking for snacks.

Can you see how he lifts his front left foot off the ground?
That's so he can stretch, stretch, stretch over the top rail to reach the hay below!

You know what they say....
"Where there's a will...."

Moonbeam always finds a way!

As for finding a way....
my dear Gator died yesterday, leaving me to do afternoon chores on my little pink bike!

The dogs always get so excited when the bike comes out...
as if we are about to embark on some big adventure...
which, really, we were!

By the time chores were finished our friends at Valley Ag and Turf had swapped out our gator
with an electric loaner gator.  
That should make this morning's chores so much easier.
After all, it's hard to carry 50 pounds of manure on one's bike!

I spent a part of this week mass producing baby bibs.
(Tiny aprons for babies!!)

It seems that all of the young adults in our life are having babies!
Mackenzie's mommy says these are the best ever bibs for babies starting food...
they afford full coverage over the front and shoulders of baby.


  1. Cute photos and post I can imaging the mischief these animals can get into lol . Love that pink bike , hope you get the gator all fixed up makes it easier to carry farm stuffs with then the bike for sure lol Oh what lovely baby bibs wonderful work from Aprons to bibs how wonderful . Thanks for sharing Have a good weekend !

  2. What cute baby bibs! Those look nice and absorbent too for all kinds of spills.

  3. Gosh I love those littles!!!

  4. They are flannel, yes...very absorbent!!

  5. My horse manages to destroy his corner feeder every few months, no matter how secured we have it installed. And, he knows how to open latches with those lips, so the latches are now lower than his head/neck can stretch.

  6. I dont think he needs fingers with those lips one morning you will find him on the doorstop waiting for breakfast, love the bibs :-)

  7. A really cute post...Mischievous equines keep you on your toes...Adorable bibs.Are you selling them??


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