Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Boys Will Be Boys!

Yesterday was pedicure day on the farm.

The farrier's visit is always a highlight in the lives of the dogs.

There's nothing tastier than hoof trimmings...

and the dogs risk life and limb to grab these tasty treats!

Most times, while the farrier is working on the ponies and Moonbeam,
Ollie and Red dance and jump around the adjacent stall.

I'm not sure why the farrier makes these two so playful,
but they have the best time.

It may be the presence of the halters,
that makes them playful...trying to bite each other's halter off.

Who knows...
But they sure are comical...


  1. Just horsing around lol ! Cute photos and video . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  2. So cute . . . refreshing . . .
    Much better to watch and listen to than the recent television banter . . .

  3. Ugh. My gawd, is there nothing dogs won't eat?

  4. It was pedicure day yesterday for the Alpacas and Sol likes to have a good hunt after for the clippings, your horses were better behaved we need to do more halter work with ours, nice video :-)

  5. Cute video..Hope you had a good day..xxoo

  6. Maybe those two like getting prettied-up!

  7. They are so dang cute!!! Have a very Happy Easter. Hugs, LJ


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