Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Back In The Garden...And Happy To Be There!

Yesterday was one of those spectacular spring days that makes one
eager to chip away at the "To Do" list.

Whatever I am doing...the turkeys are always there to supervise!
With white wash hung on the line to dry and bleach in the sun,
my trusty help and I headed out to the garden to begin spring planting.

As you can see... it's hard to find good help.
Oh, and how wonderful a nap in the sun must be at this time of year!

Years and years of gardening have taught me that just as important as the plants that are tucked into the soil is the soil itself.
It is important to think of the soil as a living being.
Healthy soil helps to assure a productive garden.

Rhubarb is up!
One of the benefits of raised bed gardening, with care to amend the soil as needed,
is light and fluffy ground that does not pack down over the winter.
Each spring I weed the boxes and lightly fluff the very top layer of soil,
taking care not to dig deeply and disturb what lies beneath the surface.

This helps to preserve the health of the soil and all of the beneficial organisms that live within.
No tilling is needed and thus no earthworms are sacrificed.

Annie needs doggie sunglasses!
It felt good to get my fingers in the soil... cool and loamy.

Yesterday I planted sugar peas and radishes.
Over the next week I will finish planting the early spring vegetables...
taking care to rotate my crops...
planting different things in the boxes than that of previous years.

Minerva is awaiting her Spring Makeover!
One way to rejuvenate the nutrients in your soil is to plant beans.
Beans actually put back into the soil what most other vegetables remove from it.

Cleaning the front pasture was another chore perfect for such a pleasant day.

Annie loves to spend time out with the horses...
trying to entice the Littles to chase her.

She's always successful,

 and eventually Ollie takes off chasing her all around the pasture.

Daffodils have popped up all over our front pasture.

Oh, how I love this time of year!

Another chore for the day was giving our grape vines a very severe haircut.
Last year our grapes rotted...
I am thinking from lack of sunlight due to heavy vines.
Hopefully pruning them helps.

Yesterday there was a question about this particular chicken.

Yes, Natasha has no feathers on her neck or chest.
She is a special breed of chicken known as a Transylvanian Naked Neck Chicken,
also know as a Turken, as she looks like a cross between a chicken and a turkey!

She thinks she's quite lovely and doesn't understand why the rest of the chickens
hide beneath so much plumage!


  1. Thank you so much for the information on Natasha! I have never heard about or have seen that breed. Fascinating!

  2. I agree about raised beds. I love ours and they are easy to take care of. Though now that I'm in my 60's I wish they were a little higher! That may be a new job for my husband:)

  3. do you add anything to the soil in the raised beds? have you started all of your seeds? i've started a bunch of seeds this year. i sure am excited to plant!

  4. Sam is definitely not much help...Yup!!! This is the best time of year..Spring and Fall..Both too short..Enjoy !!

  5. Nothing like a nap in the sun is there Sammy ? ! Lovely photos , still to early for us here to plant anything . I have never heard or seen a Turken before . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  6. An American in TokyoMarch 30, 2016 at 11:33 PM

    What lovely weather!!
    Your turkeys watch you like hawks!! ha ha!!
    The look on his face is exactly the same as my pet finch!!
    My pet finch is the nosiest bird I have ever met!! lol

    I'm looking forward to enjoying seeing your garden grow this spring/summer!

  7. We have been blessed with some lovely spring weather this week, it would be a shame to waste it, I have started some planting but holding back on a lot as the night time is dropping low enough for frost, I would love to be a dog laying in the sun topping up on vit D

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