Tuesday, March 1, 2016

1200 Miles Later....

You may have noticed no blog post yesterday...unusual for a Monday.
I was driving home from North Carolina yesterday.

We left on Friday morning for a visit with the only one of our kids 
who does not live nearby.
Ryan, Amanda's twin, lives in Charlotte, N. C.

This week is a big birthday week in our family,
and since we would otherwise miss Ryan on his birthday, we decided to drive down
and wish him a Happy Birthday in person.
While there, we paid a visit to our old neighbors from pre-farm days.
They, too, followed their hearts and built their dream farm in the South.

With the house...

on top of the barn (stable)!

And in that barn lives Roelof, a beautiful Friesian horse...

and Cubby, a charming ex-circus pony...

who serves as babysitter.

Cubby, Cub Scout, is just a little taller and longer than our Red...
and every bit as sweet!

Oh, the tales he could tell of his days in the Circus!
I am sure he is much happier spending his days grazing with his barn mate, however!

We had a wonderful weekend...enjoying the warmer temperatures of North Carolina
and the company of family and friends!
But as I always say...it's so good to be home!

PS...Happy March!  It's almost Spring!!


  1. Love their little farm! Oh, to have the horses "attached"... especially in horrendous weather. Around here it's not allowed - considered a fire hazard. In Maine it was very common as the winters were so harsh.

    Happy BIrthday to your son!

  2. Glad you could get away and catch up! Good that you're back safe and sound. Enjoy your day .

  3. Happy March Days . . .
    Nice "digs" down there in "no snow around Carolina land!"

  4. Glad you are back. Was a little worried. Love that house!! But built on top of the barn, is there any odor? Sometimes no matter how much the barn is mucked, there is a smell.

  5. Lovely photos . Nice house and pretty horses ! Glad you had a nice time there ! Thanks for sharing . have a good day !

  6. what a great farm and a nice trip!


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