Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Essence of Red

With temps in the upper 40's,
yesterday afternoon was the perfect time to work on grooming the herd.

Snow, mud, and Winter's slop has taken its toll on the horses.
Undaunted by any sort of weather, they tend to wear the weather
 on their winter coats.

Brushing, combing, clipping bridal paths turned each of them into a blank canvas once again...
ready to once again wear whatever weather is upcoming.

Moonbeam is as lovely from the front...

as he is from the back...

Donnie is the fluffiest of all...

Ollie gave into my brushing...

And Red...
well, Red seems to enjoy whatever it is I decide to do with him.
He is the sweetest little horse, ever.

Meanwhile, indoor activities include...

What's on the needles:
a shawl and a pair of socks from the same yarn.
(yarn color is "eggplanted"...love it!)
(first pair of socks...ever).

In the kitchen:
My take on Ratatouille...
(best ever)

Hot Italian sausage, cut in bitesize segments and browned (4 8" links used)
one large yellow onion chunked
one large red pepper chunked
1 eggplant, chunked
1 yellow squash chunked
1 zucchini chunked
large can of fire-roasted tomatoes (I had summer tomatoes frozen)
add more tomatoes if needed to cover rest of ingredients
three cloves of garlic
generous shake of dried oregano
hot pepper flakes
coarse chopped kalamata olives

Simmer the above ingredients until thoroughly cooked (can also do in crock pot)
Add fresh chopped basil before serving
Serve with Parmesan cheese... stew-like one pot meal.

PS....your comments on yesterday's post made me feel extremely blessed...
you were so generous with your care and concern.
As for my tetanus immunization...
I had one last winter after walking into the wrong end of a pitchfork!
Farming can be dangerous business!


  1. Hope you are feeling better today. Would love the source for the shawl and socks!

  2. Glad to hear you won't be getting lockjaw!

  3. Everyone is looking "purdy!"
    Including that pot of freshness!
    How are you feeling today from bumps, cuts and bruises?

  4. As long as I don't move my forehead....no pain. The upside to that is....it looks as though I have gotten Botox injections. All of the lines have relaxed with no movement!!

    The shawl pattern is on Ravelry, here.... http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/reyna

    The socks... here: http://www.garnstudio.com/pattern.php?id=3698&cid=17

  5. Pretty shawl..Are you knitting those socks on one needle? Probably gives one a better finish than the three I used to use..Red is a sweetie but then all of your animals are!! Enjoy this pretty day..Rain tomorrow..

  6. red is so cute even when he snotted the lens! glad you are up and running full speed. your knitting is wonderful.

  7. Pitchfork??... do I have to come down there and do a safety tutorial? :-) Glad you're on the mend. And the eggplant colors of the yarn are gorgeous!

  8. Glad your on the mend OUCH ! Oh my I do love horses and ponies with fuzzy winter coats . Lovely post , photos and video . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  9. Good evening Beverly,
    I so enjoyed the video of Red.. He truly is a sweet boy.. They all are so beautiful..
    I am glad to know you are going to be ok. Do be extra careful, will you?
    Thanks so much for coming over to see my purses... I find it interesting to read which ones are people's favorites.. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  10. Just beautiful!!You got some amazing clicks.!!
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful pictures.


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