Wednesday, February 10, 2016

That Something In The Air Was....SNOW!

Yesterday was another snow event for us.

Nothing like the blizzard two weeks prior...
but, still, snow that layed and accumulated!

Just when we were starting to see bare ground in some areas!

Ah, well, it is winter, after all... so this is to be expected.

And once again there were those that didn't seem to notice...

and those who wanted no part of it!

As for me...
when the chores were done
there was time for knitting.
(I've begun another sheep hat...I am going to knit one for each snowstorm that we have.)
I am still working on sock #2, but needed a little variety.

Snow days are perfect for baking...
filling the house with the most delicious smells,
while the oven helps to warm the kitchen.

I tried Joyce's recipe for Braided Italian Bread
Warning: this recipe takes 2 days... and it's worth it!


  1. Same here just when we thought winter wasn't going to truly arrive at all WHAM ! we have snow falling blowing about and it is staying this time . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. We're getting that snow today.. light stuff though, thankfully. oh, that bread looks divine... if only gluten didn't make me feel so yuck. I miss good bread.

  3. Yep ...more snow!!! That bread looks amazing !! Where is my butter? 2 days, Huh

  4. glad the bread worked. i'll trade you ore recipes for snow! we still only have a little bit here.

  5. We had "something in the air" too . . .
    Just like you . . . and it is still snowing!

  6. That snow is so magical. I'm glad that most of the crew doesn't mind being out in it.
    That bread looks delectable. I may just have to try it.

    Stay toasty!


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