Monday, February 22, 2016

Spring Fever

The front pasture was the scene of pure, unadulterated joy,
yesterday afternoon,
as I opened the gate for the first time in a month...

allowing the horses and donkeys the freedom to run wild.

The gate opened, like the starting gate at the Kentucky Derby,

and seven equines came flying out...
heels kicking,
manes flying,
hearts pounding,

throwing all caution to the wind...

running and leaping with wild abandon,
first through the little bit of snow still left melting on the ground,

and then through the soggy earth that had just days ago been covered with layers of snow and ice.

Squishy earth gave way to pounding hooves and deep divots were left in their wake.

The front pasture had not been victim of such an assault in many months.
But if it were in any way aware of the joy behind each of those earth-digging hoof prints,
it would not have minded.

We all had a taste of spring this weekend...
a luscious, juice-dripping-off-your-chin taste of the deliciousness
of a day where the sun feels warm on your face
and a gentle, warm breeze tickles the hairs on your arms.

Mother Earth teased us with a 60+degree day on Saturday and 
a 50 degree day on Sunday.
Most of our snow has melted...

with the exception of the orchard,
that area called home by Ginger and MaryAnn (pigs) and Gracie and her girls (sheep).

Inches of snow still remain in this little Siberian side of the farm,
and I am certain we may still have snow there come June!

The weekend was more than a tease...
it was the promise of days to come...
days that will surely never be taken for granted!


  1. it as so springlike that when i gave teddy the treat she gets after her eye drops, she dropped it on the ground and danced around it pretending to attack it. if that isn't a sign of impending spring i don't know what is! chows don't dance.

  2. I wish I could have seen the gate open and the horses running. I LOVE to see them run...and the donkeys too. That must have been fun!

  3. Very nice article with beautiful pictures!!
    Thanks for sharing! I am delighted to read this article.

  4. Fun post...The pigs and the sheep will enjoy their cool spot in the summer time...

  5. I can almost hear the thundering hooves! What a wonderful way to celebrate the upcoming spring weather.

  6. I can see the happiness in all that romp and play!
    What fun . . .


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