Thursday, February 11, 2016


Sitting here like this...

with the world outside looking like this...

I cannot help but close my eyes and dream a little.
My dream is of another time in the not so distant future,
where instead,
I will be sitting here like this...
with a fire in this...
(getting ready to make that yummy Italian bread in an old fashioned oven!)

Instead of the black and white world to which I have grown accustomed of late,
my dream is full of color...

colors that not only delight my eyes but all of my senses!
Have you ever noticed that the color green has a smell?
Green is the smell of new mown hay and pine needles.
It is my favorite color and my favorite smell...
and one for which I long at this cold, sleepy time of year.

I dream of dinners picked fresh from the garden...

Our weather is about to get even more wintry I hear.
Temperatures are to drop below zero this weekend...
with a potential for more snow next week.

It looks like I will have plenty of time to dream in the coming days!

I'll be dreaming and scheming as I plan for this year's garden.

I look forward to the sound of bees buzzing as I dig in the dirt.

I look forward to continuing Red's driving training...
a task I have let slide during winter's cold.
(yes, I'm a fair weather driver!)

Until this frosty part of winter passes,
I think I will hunker down with a cup of tea, a roaring fire,
and concentrate on indoor activities.

After all....Spring is not that far away!
What fun we will have when it comes!
For now....though...I think I'll throw another log on the fire!


  1. I see the little armadillo I brought you from Texas is warm and toasty next to the fireplace. I, too, dream of warmer weather and it's not nearly as cold here. Spring will be there soon...that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. :)

  2. Wool sweaters, a good book, soup and dreams . . . .help this gal too!

  3. Lovely post and photos . Yes I think most of us are in dream land of summer and spring now , I know I am . It is bitterly cold out but at least the sun is shining here today . I love the smell of wood smoke , fresh cut grass and fields , flowers , pine trees and cedar trees . the smell of horses and fresh breeze . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. Knitting in front of fireplace with snow outside is the most relaxing dream :), like a tale.

  5. It will be in the 70's here and well...I am going to enjoy it. Your days are coming if the polar vortex gets out of the way.

  6. I am dreaming of spring also. Working in my new garden I made last fall. Driving Red looks like so much fun. Stay warm, Hugs, LJ

  7. though i am freezing my butt off right now, i am not ready for spring quite yet. i need more snow! you have so much more than we do! i be that bread will be fabulous in your outdoor oven. sometimes i let the biga sit for 48 hours for an even better flavor!

  8. I was so hoping you would post something like this. I reacall from previous years you post a summer dreaming time and this was perfect, because it is exactly what I needed. I too am dreaming of days full of color. Thank you for this!


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