Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snow Day?

There was a day (long ago) when the mere mention of 
sent fluttering butterflies of excitement through my soul.

Those were the days when a snow day meant...
no school,
playing for hours on mountains of snow left at the curb by the plow,
snow forts, 
then warming up with hot tea with lots of milk and sugar and cinnamon toast.

Life is so simple when you are a child...
no wonder all of the memories are sweet ones!

Nowadays "snow days" mean something altogether different.
Although, I still feel a twinge of anticipation at the thought of deep snow...
along with the excitement comes a whole lot of responsibilities.

As I sit here writing this blog, the weather forecast for the end of this week is
a major winter storm named "Jonas"... a Noreaster.
(I don't recall winter storms having names when I was a child.)

Although predictions are known to change,
at this point snowfall accumulation is to be somewhere in the range of a foot to two feet...
depending upon the tracking of the storm.

"SNOW DAY!!!!"...oh, right...I'm not in school any more!

Regardless, with the potential out there, the next few days will be spent
readying the farm for snow.

Chicken houses are getting a new layer of bedding,
as chickens do not like playing in the snow...
so they will spend much more time indoors than usual.

Goat and sheep houses will have hay added so that 
our fluffy four-legged ruminants can stay indoors and chew their cud.

As most people are shoveling out their cars and walkways,
I will be shoveling paths in the snow for the animals to get to their water and their food sources.
And then, of course, the cars and walkways will have to be addressed.

Snow, though lovely to gaze upon, adds a whole new layer of work to farm work.
Think of us as you watch it fall outside your window! 


  1. Beverly - I will be thinking of you. Prayers for energy for the tasks ahead! I want to tell you about a gadget that might help you. You can purchase it from Johnny's Selected Seed, but I've also seen them for about the same price on Amazon and a DIY model at Harbor Freight. It is called a Weed Dragon. I use it to buy time in the garden against weeds. However, several northern folks use it to clear snow and ice. I pull mine in a wagon, but some folks wear it as a backpack. It is basically a small flame thrower. It might be worth the investment as you have lots of animal trails to clear. Have an awesome day!

  2. GeorgiaHoneyBee....what a great idea. And you are not going to believe this....we actually own one of them. My only worry with using it to clear paths for the that our weather up here is so cold, that the melted snow will freeze and be a sheet of which point it becomes treacherous not only for them but for me. But that was a great suggestion...and one I will definitely consider. I never thought of using that Weed Dragon in the winter time....Hmmmmmm....Thanks for thinking of me!! I might have to try this and see if I can get enough snow cleared to keep ice from forming.

  3. It looks terribly cold there! I love yor farm and all the animals. You keep their homes nice and cozy. It is unusually cold here in North Carolina right now and I worry constantly about keeping the animal's drinking water thawed. Take care.

  4. i have my fingers crossed that we are going to get this storm! we are going to be right on the edge i am afraid. i have the best memories of playing in the snow and building snow forts when we were small. my biggest concern here is that the city salts the sidewalks heavily and we can't take teddy out for walks because of what it does to her pads.

  5. Snow Day Memories for we're much like yours . . .
    I will keep my ears perked to hear about your storm . .
    I think we are on days 9 or 10 in a row with SNOW,

  6. Correction
    Snow Memories for me were much like yours .

  7. Today schools are closed because they have no heat..I guess that is eating up their snow days..I never knew Nor'easters had names! Cute picture of you and
    Penny...You and your long, skinny legs ;)..I just heard on the news that the Southern Tier counties are going to get the brunt of it...We'll see, I guess...Get out those snow shoes!!

  8. Snow day for me when I was a kid also meant no school as I got on the bus to go to school in the country and it also meant being with all the animals and doing my favorite thing back then and that was chores I grew up on a farm and I loved snow days I got to play in the snow and play with all my favorite friends ! Lovely photos . Hope you don't get to much . Thanks for sharing have a good day and be safe and cozy !

  9. I can't begin to imagine the work involved for a winter storm. I know there will be no rest for you. When the weather clears you might want to check the teeth on your pig. I believe a good orthodontist might be able to help him.

  10. Hoping you don't get as much snow as they're forecasting. It will be beautiful but much work for you! You do such a great job caring for all your's very impressive. Best of luck in the coming storm!

  11. Snow days sure don't have the happy anticipation any more, especially since my hubs is on the blink after recent bypass and future ablation. Lucky me I get to do all the prep! If your snow dragon makes ice use the ashes from your fireplace. We save ours from the wood stove (in metal cans of course) and they work wonders when the animal yards get slick. They actually seem to eat into the ice and don't bother hooves. Of course my silly donkey immediately rolls in the ashes.


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