Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Life, Lived Single-File

Right now, for the donkeys, life is being lived single-file.

As for who goes first...

and who follows...
It doesn't matter.

Turns are taken as they make their way around their narrow world.

The massive snowstorm slowed life way down for Daphne and Chloe.
Originally, in order to get them out to their water, 
I shoveled a path from their house to their water.

And then, realizing that their world was way too small,
I shoveled another walkway out to an area by the fence...

for sunbathing.

And before this snow gets any heavier with melting, I will probably shovel a few
more paths, just to make life a little interesting.

After all, what is life without options?

You see, it would probably kill these two to step into the snow...
just ask them...they'll tell you!

No, these two long-eared divas prefer to be waited upon...
a coat-thrown-over-a-puddle so that they can pass by kind of waited upon.

Donkeys have a narrow margin of what they find acceptable...
and are willing to live their life in single-file, straight-line order 
so that their narrow parameters remain intact.

Adventure?...  "Who needs it!"

Danger?...  "Over-rated!  Scary!"

Mystery?  Intrigue?...."Not interested!"

 You'll get these answers from just about any donkey you ask.

Donkeys prefer a simple world, hands down.
They love knowing what to expect at all times!

Off the needles...

I love this pattern... knitted with this wool.
(O-Wool is a product of Philadelphia, PA.)
This pattern makes me think of my sheep out in the snowstorm!

PS:  look who else got into the snow fun this weekend....

I also have to share this with you....
as texted to me last evening....

"I love butternut squash!"


"I'm gonna throw up."


  1. I'm with the donkeys. Keep it simple. Less to think about...

    That knit cap is glorious! I'm amazed at what knitters can do. Someday I'll get there...

    Oh, that's priceless! We had the same expression when we fed our boy mashed potato for the first time. He only likes sweet potatoes to this day.

    Hope you have lots of sunshine today!

  2. I need to go back and look at this post again...it is so cute. I've wanted a donkey for such a long time. Maybe one day! She is adorable snuggled in that snow suit! and trying the squash too!

  3. I am totally in awe of your knitting!! It's like painting with yarn!

  4. I love your spoiled Donkeys!!!!

  5. I have the same reaction to butternut squash, Little One!

  6. Donkey
    Butternut Squash
    Smiles . . .
    Fun post
    Love the hat too!

  7. omg....too funny! next try ice cream and see what happens!

  8. I so love the donkeys. What a fantastic hat - gorgeous!

  9. That was so adorable!! Thank you for posting it. I LOVE your blog :) You give a smiled daily!

  10. I believe the donkeys have your number. The hat is wonderful. I've looked at that pattern. Your choice seems to be to knit hats or shovel for the donkeys.

  11. You are such a good mommy to your animals! They are all spoiled rotten. I'm with the donkeys ...simple and uncomplicated is good.
    That hat is adorable. Love the colors! It would be handy to have when all you need is a cap. Funny series of pictures with MacKenzie. Thanks for sharing your "feel good" post. Xxoo

  12. Lovely photos . My that's a lot of shoveling I love their fuzzy winter coats they are such cuties ! As is this sweet little grand baby my she is growing like a weed . Oh my such funny pics of her . Wonderful hand made hat great work ! Thanks for sharing ,have a good day !

  13. Gosh, ya know, I think I'm alot like your donkeys! It's so nice that you keep shoveling little paths for them to check out. And I really cracked up seeing those baby pics at the end of your blog today...hilarious! I thought maybe you were going to say they were trying to slip her some carrots instead of the squash!!! She is such a darling little bugger. Thanks for such a totally entertaining blog. Love that hat too!

  14. Just have to write to say what a happy boost your posts give me - and many others - every day. I love the donkeys and their sweet ways. And the hat and oh that sweet baby!

  15. How funny, my donkey gelding, Winston, refuses to go into his shelter other than to eat. Rain, sleet, snow, whatever, he's standing outside in the weather and because he THINKS he's BIG, he'll tackle the deepest snow and the tallest drifts!


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