Monday, January 11, 2016

Bi-Partisan Turkeys

Ordinarily, when there are several turkeys together they are called a flock.
However, here on the farm where there are only two,
we call it a congress.

You see, these two boys are very often on opposite sides of the fence...
fighting back and forth.

Tom is a Republican.

Chuck is a Democrat.

It happened several times this weekend.
The squabbling was so bad, that one of the turkeys actually got his leg stuck in the fence.

At that, I untangled him, swooped him up...

gave him a little advice...

and carried him back to his house...
the other one running along behind us!

(If you are new to our blog...
Tom and Chuck are Bourbon Red turkeys and are almost 6 years old.
I have had them since they were just hatched.  
Tom and Chuck were originally named Thanksgiving and Christmas...
until we realized there was no way we could eat them!)

 I continue to rack up a lot of mileage on my Fitbit.
Unfortunately, walking and walking-while-carrying a 30 lb. turkey
count the same.
I'd recommend walking-while-carrying a 30 pound turkey for those of you 
who feel you need a little extra work-out!
I cannot believe there isn't an exercise app for that!

Needless to say, when evening came....

The Pink Fairy spent the day with us on Saturday.
She's growing way too quickly!

We visited the pigs...

and the horses...

Oh, so much fun to look forward to with this little sweetheart!

Off the needles:

rolled cuff fingerless mitts.


  1. You better explain to Tom and Chuck about Thanksgiving and Christmas....I asked my girls (the chickens) if they ever heard of chicken soup....the next day instead of one egg we got two. 😀
    Mackenzie is so sweet and growing so fast.
    Love the rolled cuffs. I knit rolled cuff travel ankle socks.
    Have a great week!

  2. Carrying a 30 lb load should count for something . . .
    Like a cuddle nap . . . or two . . .
    Little pink petunia . . . Is adorable and growing way, way too fast . . .
    Soon she will want to splash in those puddles I see around the haven . . .
    It looks like still no snow . . .
    Just maybe it might arrive your way this week . . .
    Unless it all goes North . . .

  3. Intervening between Tom and Chuck must make you feel like the Speaker of the House!

  4. How long do Turkeys produce testosterone?? Glad you had a visit from Mack...Ash must have been working??Those needles just keep on knitting!! Pretty..Stay warm xxoo

  5. Oh my those boys! Maybe they need another Edith around. Mack is growing up way to fast and so, so cute!! Love the mits! Thank goodness for FB allowing to comment, Yeah!

  6. how long do turkeys live? i guess they are too old to introduce a turkey girl? mackenzie is growing so fast! soon she will be walking around on her own!

  7. Oh those two are at it again ? lol ! Lovely photos . WOW ! little Miss is growing fast what a sweety ! After all the farm chores and shenanigans no wonder your tired at the end of each day ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  8. Those big turkeys are so funny...but beautiful. We had a white turkey named Pearl. She was such a pet. The Bourbon Reds are beautiful. The pink fairy is adorable...what a sweetie pie.

  9. Hi Beverly,
    I just love these turkeys! I never realized how LARGE they were till I see you holding one.. Good grief!
    Your little pink fairy just melts my heart..
    Have a wonderful week

  10. We tried keeping turkeys for a while, but I just found their antics too frustrating. You have a couple of lovely birds there.


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