Friday, December 11, 2015

Why Is This Goat Smiling?

"Why is Jill smiling?"  you ask.

Because after what seems like forever, 
the sun emerged yesterday from behind the fog bank.
(And not because she has an obvious underbite.)

I wasn't the only one overjoyed to see its fiery presence back in the sky once more.

Even Oakley commented that he thought his shadow had permanently disappeared!

The chickens were quite chatty and excited as they snacked on their scratch 
in the afternoon sunshine.

Everyone spent some time facing it, soaking in its rays.

It still remains too muddy for the equines to go out to pasture, however,
but I can't help but think just the presence of blue sky was a pick-me-up for them
as they munched on their afternoon hay.

The sheep pen is situated on the northern slope of a hill, so they rarely get 
direct sunlight.
This works out well for them since they are stuck wearing wool pajamas in all seasons.

And by the way....
those wool jammies are about two inches thick right now.
I am so excited for spring shearing!
It will be fun to see how much fiber I end up with this year.

 It will also be nice to see clean sheep once again (though short-lived!)

I have been using this foggy week to knit, knit, knit...
sadly, though, I cannot share with you as everything I am currently doing is for gifts.
I just finished a second one of these...

Once Christmas is over, however, then I knit just purely for fun....
and may have some items to sell.

PS....the fog was back by last evening and we awoke to it again this morning!

Carine...thanks so much for the link.  It's amazing!  I may have to add that to next years' crops.

And lastly, look who Santa came to visit yesterday....

She seems quite happy with the old elf!

Not pictured red letters on her bum..."Not Naughty".


  1. Where do you get all of your knitting patterns?
    I still have some knitting and sewing to get done for Christmas....I best get a wiggle on.
    Have a great day.

  2. Your Grandbaby is adorable. Have fun soaking in the vitmain D.

    Those stockings are so darn cute!! Enjoy, Janie

  3. OOOOOO! Glass Gem corn! I grew that a few years ago, and was blown away by the colors! There was a Glass Gem facebook page! I hope you do decide to try growing it, with your, ah, fertilizer advantage, it should do VERY well!

  4. One of the best Santa/baby photos ever . . .
    M is so adorable . . .
    Yay for some sunshine!

  5. Oh my word!!! Adorable!!! TerriC

  6. go-to place for knitting patterns is Ravelry. I also subscribe to some knitting websites that offer pattern ideas on a daily I am never at a loss for what I want to accomplish. And then, I comb through catalogs like Sundance for ideas to make my own patterns. I am hopelessly addicted!!!

  7. My pleasure! so happy you liked it. This corn has a great story also.
    have a nice weekend. Carine

  8. what a santa pic! she sure is cute and so is her outfit! i am hoping we don't get sun anytime soon or we could end up in the 80's.


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