Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Wilder Side

It's our fifth day in the midst of a fog bank.
Visibility has been negligible for days, now....
which makes photography difficult at best...
unless, however, one is in the mood for fog photos!

I thought today might be a good day to take a walk on the wild side and see what
has been happening in our woods lately.
Yes, that's Annie way out in front of us.

Come on, Sammy....let's take a ride!

I love having the game cameras in the woods.
It's so much fun to see what happens there when we aren't there.

A handsome young buck...

curious doe...
(There is a red light that blinks when a photo is taken...I believe that is what attracts curious deer.)

a couple of raccoons (see the eyes behind the first one)...

Late in the afternoon...

Everyone comes out when it's dark...

There are always foxes in the woods.

And feral kitties...

Becky and Sid...out for a walk in the woods...

And someone pranking us...

A piece of artwork.... canoe on lake.
If this trickster had held the picture just a little closer, we might have thought it were taken elsewhere.
Good try, trickster!!
(Not sure who this was.)

Hopefully our fog event will soon be over and I can get back to taking photos once again!


  1. There are a lot of deer up there. I hope they stay safe. We had fish several days ago that followed us around on our walk and then went away. It's a little foggy this morning but it always burns off. we had fiog several days ago that followed us around on our walk and then went away. It's a little foggy this morning but it always burns off. I hope someday soon you get out of that fog! Enjoy your day.

  2. Lovely photos ! It is foggy in the early mornings but then it clears for the day but it is still gloomy and soggy with the odd pop of sunshine . Thanks for sharing , Hope your fog clears up ! Have a good day !

  3. How funny...I think I like that trickster! Great closeups of the wild ones.

  4. We are happy with whatever you want to post. Personally, I am fondest of the animals. Especially the sheep, no the goats, no the little horses, well all of them really. (How is Red's training program going?)

    But we'd love to see your knitting and sewing projects, or your holiday decorations, if you want to take some inside photos. Thank you for all you share. It's a pleasant morning visit.

  5. I just noticed what Missy said. Hee hee hee. Were the fish pets, or wild ones hoping for a handout?

  6. HEllo, my comment has nothing to do with your blog message of today.
    I am excited because I saw this and immediately thought about you!
    I dont say more for a surprise but hope you will like it, here it is:
    Regards, Carine


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