Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Least Favorite Day of The Year

Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote to you of my favorite day...
the end of Daylight Savings...
that wonderful day that gifts us an extra hour of life
(only to be taken away from us in the spring.)

So, I am sure you would guess then that my least favorite day is the beginning of Daylight Savings.
It would stand to reason...
however it is not the case.

No, my least favorite day (yesterday) is the first Monday after Thanksgiving.
"Why?" you ask.

Because it is on this day that the peaceful life that I live here on the farm
is disrupted in a way that I find quite disturbing.

It happened at first light yesterday...
the repetitive sound of rifles in the not-so-distant countryside...
and the knowledge that no deer would be safe for the next few weeks.

Yes, it's hunting season again.
That time of year when the countryside is dotted by hunters in fluorescent orange
hiding in all manner of homemade tree stands,
just waiting for some poor unsuspecting deer to step into their shotgun's range.

With each shot that rings out through the morning air,
I silently say a prayer for the white tails.

Yes, you guessed it.... I vehemently dislike hunting.
I'm one of those crazy "Far Side" tree hugger types who think that the deer should be armed with 
shotguns of their own.

I've heard all of the rationale that explains the benefits of hunting...
but with me it falls on deaf ears.

Yes, I eat meat.  I know...it makes no sense.
But still, I'd rather see these critters through the lens of my camera than through the sights of a shotgun.

For the next few weeks I will have to be vigilant about keeping the dogs at home.
There will be no woodsy adventures for them
And although our land is posted with No Trespassing signs,
the dogs unfortunately don't know our boundaries.

Honestly, they seemed to get a little nervous during the gunfire.

By late morning, thankfully, things quieted down and peace was once again restored.
The farrier came....
pedicure day for equines!


  1. I am right there with ya. I just don't get how folks can shoot an unarmed creature for the fun of it. Why is killing fun? Oh, don't get me started.
    Hope you have peace again soon in your neck of the woods.

  2. I used to feel the same way. And I still do about hunters that are only looking for trophies. But I've come to think about the fact that I AM a meat eater and what that means. I've recently participated in butchering meat chickens and it wasn't easy, but felt right, somehow, if I was going to eat chicken.

    All that being said, I love pork, but don't think I could ever own a pig and kill it. :)

  3. i grew up in a hunting family and i didn't like it then and i don't like it now. so many hunters do not pay attention to signs.

  4. These days hunters are just out there killing these creatures for fun not so much now for survival to live on like in the old days . I grew up in a hunting farm family who did live off of the land and live stock and back then one hunted to eat and use the skins for other things but now it is just all sport and a sport I don't like either every time I hear the guns going off here every day in the distance I pray the deer got away with out harm ! I like the time change in the spring as I love the longer sunnier days . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. I do understand that it is sometimes necessary to hunt....of course, when living off the land. But I agree, nowadays it's more about the picture beside the deer with the big rack on its head.That big rack grew because the deer was strong and old and wise....so shooting that deer that learned to survive so well just seems wrong. I know this is a touchy subject...and I usually try to avoid controversy....but hunting for sport just makes my heart ache. But then, I cry when I see a deer along side the road that has been hit by a car as well.

  6. I cannot take hunters killing Gods animals neither. I asked the animal agriculture. Is that necessary. He said yes. Too many are having babies and we are over populated. And they are being more aggressive on the roads causing accidents. I do know I moved as we were having the animals all over of the wild. We were afraid to walk. The Moses will not move and they run at your car. Bears in walking paths with the cubs.

  7. Sitting in a tree stand is NOT hunting. I know people who put corn out around their stands to draw the deer in. This is not hunting. This is just killing.

  8. Just this morning in my tiny local paper, a horse was shot from a richochet...target shooters. Sadly, the horse died. Last year, a young girl's pet goose was shot with a bow. They lived on a private ranch! It saddens me that people are killing for the "fun" of it, not the necessity to eat. Actually, it pisses me off!

  9. I have to admit I hate all the hormones and crap they pump into our meat and the horrible conditions the animals live in till they get to the store so I have pondered my husband and I killing a deer. At least it would live the way it should and we won't be full of the stuff they put in meat nowadays. That being said, we do spend three quarters of our lives in nature preserves and feel saddened when its hunting season.

  10. Oh, what a subject! Let me start by saying that I am a vegetarian and live on a farm in Georgia. We have 39 animals that are all pets. Donkeys, goats, pigs, various fowl, dogs and cats. Hunting is a big, big deal around here. We too post many No Hunting/Trespassing signs around the perimeter of our property. I live in fear everyday one of my animals or worse a family member may be shot. Like you, I say a little prayer every time I here gunshot(run Bambi run)!

  11. I don't understand how someone derives pleasure from killing an animal that they had to hide in a tree stand to do. I can see people from the wild in Alaska hunting to eat their food,but for sport its senseless to me. My husband is a policeman and often has to shoot deer who have been hit by cars and are suffering and he stills doesn't like to do it.

  12. I hate it, too, Bev. We hear the shots around our home, too, here in the outskirts of Ottawa. I'll never understand how people can hunt (so one-sided) these innocent, unsuspecting animals.


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