Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hay...It's Not Just For Horses

It's an integral part of life on the farm.
I spend a good portion of the day delivering it.

For meals...



and supper...

for bedding...

And I spend a bit of time raking the wasted hay back up...

and spreading it in the chicken yard 

for footing.

So, it's no wonder that every evening when I change out of my work clothes,
I find hay inside every layer...
not to mention in my underwear!

I wear hay like most women wear jewelry.
There are usually hay leaves attached to my clothes,
just like Ollie has in his mane.

It's no wonder that I choose my outwear based upon what won't attract hay.

So, it's no wonder that I dreamed this silly dream yesterday morning as I was awakening...

I awoke with a start yesterday morning...
the memory of my last dream of the night still in my thoughts...

You see, I dreamt that I was stopped on the interstate by a state trooper.
I had been driving quite tired and had swerved a bit.

He pulled me over fearing me intoxicated.
I rolled down the window as he approached,
and our eyes both caught the dried green hay leaves attached to my sweater.
The next thing I knew he was arresting me for the possession of marijuana.
"But officer," I tried to explain, "these are hay leaves...."

I awoke in a panic.
Thank goodness it was only a dream!
(I have never smoked marijuana in my goodness knows from where this idea came.)
I am way too much of a control freak to give it up to a substance.

Hay... it's the stuff dreams are made of...
at least around here!

I spent a little time with this little Christmas Fairy yesterday...

She's almost 4 months old now!

And never too young for The Night Before Christmas!


  1. I love the smell of hay and like you seem to be carting it all over the place as well as indoors even found bits in the bed how did that get there :-)

  2. My warmest chore jacket is WOOL...guess I don't have to say anymore...
    Look how baby Mackenzie is growing. She is so sweet!

  3. Wonderful photos . If it isn't hay it is animals hair lol ! Both best kind of stuff to have attached to the clothes lol ! Yes what a weird dream lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. "I wear hay like most women wear jewelry." Best line I've read anywhere for quite a while, LOL!

  5. Ha! I can really relate to your statement, "I wear hay like most women wear jewelry." I also choose my outerwear by whether or not hay sticks to it! And my number one criterion for choosing carpet or a rug is how easy it is to get cat puke out of. LOL! What we won't do to accommodate animals in our lives!

  6. I'm not at all surprised that you have hay in your tend to roll around in it with the critters a lot..Itchy?? Cute picture of Mac!!

  7. hi beverly...such a precious well little mackenzie is never too early to introduce
    the wonders of the season...take care...sally

  8. Funny dreams! I thought you were going to get arrested for a roll in the hay! Ha! Your little fairy is just the sweetest...always read to them at this age, they love it!


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