Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Has Anyone Seen The Sun?

We are in the midst of a rainy week...
stuck between a couple of nor-easters that have traveled up the coast.
Any one with any sense has stayed inside and sought shelter.

Even Kenny decided to forgo his usual trek out to see Lucille 1, 2 and 3.
Luckily, the Lucilles came to him!

When it wasn't outright raining, the air was thick with moisture...
so foggy that even the clouds were not visible.
And I'm not sure that there even was a sun behind all that moisture!

Everyone is patiently awaiting sunshine and drier conditions...
and taking their meals under roof.

The sheep don't even seem to notice the rain.
I suppose when you are wearing such a thick wooly coat,
the rain is not an issue.

I put the sheep's hay inside their houses, though,
hoping that might convince them to go indoors.

Looks like two out of three understood.

While the rain fell, I stayed inside knitting and making Christmas ornaments.
These snowflakes will dry over the next day and then I will cover them in glitter or fake snow.

This is such an easy project and one that children can easily do.
Simply roll out the dough with a rolling pin, cut out the shape, poke a hole for a hanger,
and allow to air-dry.

I'll take a photo of the finished product after it's hung on the tree.

My present knitting projects are two pairs of leg warmers to wear with boots.
Unable to find patterns for exactly what I wanted, I decided to write my own patterns.
This pair, cabled, is knit of baby alpaca.

The second pair was inspired by leg warmers that have been in the Sundance Catalog.

I love the Sundance Catalog.... it's been my favorite catalog for forever.
It's filled with an eclectic style that speaks to me.
I rarely ever buy anything from it as it is way too expensive...
but I frequently use it for inspiration.

I am trying to copy this pair of leg warmers as best I can...
from leftover scraps of yarn.

So good.
I have to say... a couple of rainy days can be pretty nice!


  1. The ornaments are very nice and gives me an idea for next year for the grandkids. I have made them each one since their first Christmas. Keep us posted on how you finish them. Do you think they will last for several years?
    Your knitting projects are looking awesome.
    Thanks for all you share.

  2. I have pored over every word and photo in every Sundance catalog for years! And was fortunate to go to the store in Sundance one time many years ago <3. I purposely saved the catalog you show to savor during the long car ride to Thanksgiving dinner. As I was reading it, at least 2 dozen times I thought "I bet Bev could make this, this looks like something Bev would make, I wonder if Bev would make one of these for me, does Bev have anything like this in her marketplace, I'm sure Bev could easily sell things to Them!!...." You've obviously been channeling them well as I thought of you non-stop! Your creativity and beautiful knitting are fabulous! Looks like another gray day is in the forecast...enjoy!

  3. We have had rainy days here, too. I as out putting up lights in the drizzle yesterday. lol
    Your leg warmers are looking great! Happy knitting! xo Diana

  4. Love the stars . . .
    Looking forward to your "finished" touch . . .
    Once again, your talent amazes me . . .
    I like the Sundance catalog for ideas too . . .
    Would love an extra 300 plus for some of the boots . . .
    And furniture . . . wow . . .
    Happy rainy days . . . (sun and warmer arriving here for a week straight!)

  5. I love the legwarmers you are making!! They look wonderful and will make somebody very happy come Christmas. The ornaments are beautiful. Since I'm heading to Michael's today, I may need to get some of that clay. It's been pouring here since Sunday, which means I haven't seen the sun since Thanksgiving. We were gone for the holiday and the rain started there and followed us home. :-(

  6. It's fun to see what you are knitting - I too adore Sundance and pour over every issue. Your legwarmers look fabulous! Great job!

  7. You can't go wrong with Sundance or those leg warmers...Very cool! Hope your day goes well...xxoo

  8. I was recently in Scottsdale, Arizona and they are opening a Sundance store in January 2016! I, too, love their catalog.

  9. Wonderful crafts you have on the go there ! It is chilly damp cloudy here to with the odd pop of sunshine . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  10. Do you ever sell any of the leg warmers??? So nice!!

    Thanks for the idea for the snowflakes; yours are so pretty!!

    When you find the sun, please send it my way. lol'

    Enjoy, Janie

  11. Oh my gosh, I love those leg warmers!! Both of them are beautiful...I love the Sundance catalog too - my kind of style, but I've never ordered either. Too expensive for my budget! We are raining here too...cats and dogs raining, and cold!

  12. i love sundance and your knitting looks better than theirs! we've had a bit of rain but very warm temps. no winter here this year.

  13. What a blessing that rain is! Hope you enjoy more time indoors. You are so crafty.

  14. lovely.
    Global Bahçe -


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