Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What Your Mother Meant When She Said "Don't Eat Like a Pig"

As I sit here gathering my thoughts,
the house is filled with the aroma of roasting pumpkin.

This year I snagged one of the big Cinderella pumpkins that I had found
for Autumn decorating...
cut it into segments (only using about a third of the was a monster!)
and roasted them in the oven for Thanksgiving baking.

As you read this post Wednesday morning, 
the flour will be flying as I make my flaky, buttery pastry crusts and pumpkin pies.
If the pie tastes half as good as it smells in this house...
we will be in pumpkin Heaven on Friday.

Yes, Friday.
Our family tradition is fondly known to us as...
Black and Blue Friday.

We have placed a moratorium on Christmas shopping that day,
and instead spend the day feasting and playing and enjoying each others' company...
four generations of us.
It's my favorite holiday of the year... all the good of Christmas, without the shopping.
Just good ole family fun and fellowship.
It is on this day that I am filled with so much thankfulness that I can hardly contain myself.
Thankfulness for family ties...
for all of the souls, young and old, whom I cherish the most.
Parents, children, grandchildren, Hubbs ...all my favorite people in this whole wide world....
all together in one place... surrounding me with love and warmth.

And of course, the farm work continues...

but truly the work is a labor of love...

as my thankfulness extends to these precious souls whose care has been entrusted to me.
They fill each of my days with sweet and tender joy.

Look who's roosting with the turkeys!
Two of the Lucilles were in the turkey house last night when I closed up.
I wonder what the fellows think of that!


  1. I never tire watching you do the chores. I actually like the sound of G & M sounding like pigs when they eat. I also love the sound of Grace, Hope and Faith calling for their you would ever forget them.
    Happy Black and Blue Friday to you and yours.
    PS.....sure would like to try a piece of your pumpkin pie!!

  2. I love the sound of these piggies eating . I enjoy you taking us on your chores again it takes me back to our farm and the chores I did and I loved doing them your right it is a labour of love . Wonderful photos and post . Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family . Have a wonderful family get together and a lovely weekend !

  3. Happy Friday with the four generations . . .
    Happy Thanksgiving in there too!

  4. I think there's some fraternization going on there!

  5. Thank you for the video! The girl's stall looks cozy! A very happy Thanksgiving to all the sweet souls at BHA!

  6. Love the videos...Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday and I'm sure that you will make it just perfect..It will be nice to all be together....See you soon.

  7. I heartily agree about Thanksgiving! It's my favorite too, and for all those same reasons. Enjoy!!

  8. Thanks for the video - love MaryAnn and Ginger! And the rest of the farm family too! Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Bev,,, Hugz & Squisches from our pumpkin scented home to yours...

  10. It's my favorite holiday as well. All the goodies without the stress. What could be better than a whole day to relish all of one's riches? God bless. Enjoy your holiday.

  11. An American in TokyoNovember 25, 2015 at 8:51 PM

    Love your videos!
    Maybe you need a head cam for xmas?!
    Then you don't have to worry about putting the camera down or dropping it. ;)

  12. You are indeed blessed, enjoy the week with family! Happy Thanksgiving.


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