Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tongue Wagging and Blubbering

I was a little late getting to afternoon chores yesterday.
As I drove up to the Nigerian Dwarf goats' yard,
they were standing on high alert awaiting their dinner.

As I walked to the gate they came running at top speed.
And then all of a sudden launched into the most comical behavior.

All four (all girls) began head butting and blubbering.
Now, if you have raised goats, then you know that blubbering is a phenomenon seen
during mating season.
And although the time of year is right, there is not a buck amongst them.

I grabbed my camera and turned on the video hoping to capture their raucous behavior.
I captured a little of it...but not as crazy as it had first been.
I think they realized that dinner was imminent and so they became focussed on that.

Did you notice the funny grunting and how they stick out their tongue and wag it at each other?
There was also a little humping action that accompanied the tongue wagging.
These goats are the most comical creatures....really!

Why was I late for chores you wonder?
Because I was playing with this little lady instead!


  1. Tis the season.! Mac is very cute in her polkadots. Have a happy Wednesday.

  2. They are comical to watch and hear for sure . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. A good excuse for being late, thanks for the video :-)

  4. hi beverly...the goat's behavior was hilarious...what an adorable expression of miss mackenzie...i love her hat with the little thingamajib...thank you for the video...take care...sally

  5. That is the perfect (and acceptable) excuse for being late! I LOVE it!!!! She is just well as your other "babies" are, too-xo Diana

  6. Oh my, goats take second to Little Miss Adorable in polka dots!

  7. I can totally see why you were late...come on, I would have never made it outside!

  8. They stopped and looked at the end as though looking at the baby when she started making noise.

  9. That was so funny, watching that was a great start to my day ..thanks for sharing. Xx


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