Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pine Treats

Autumn sunrises are the best of the year!

Yesterday's fiery sun arose, but offered no heat to our world.
It's cold now... feeling rather wintry.
I am thankful for a barn filled with hay,
as this hay will help to keep our critters warm in the coming months.

Everyone always knows when it's feeding time.
They become a little impatient and quite vocal!

Our wood chipping project is nearing completion.
There is now a fresh layer of pine wood chips covering the horses' dry lot.
The fresh aroma of Christmas trees is a treat while I am out there cleaning up manure!

There is no better treat for the goats than the tree tops.
They love pine needles and will quickly strip these branches bare...
eating every last needle and the bark as well.

They utilize the branches as scratching posts as well...


  1. you have a great set up, I hope one day ours will be as organised as your place, thanks for the videos there great :-)

  2. Great post! now any time I see a discarded xmas tree all I'll be able to think about is how much fun it could have been for the goats lol
    All the best


  3. Goats really will eat anything, won't they.

  4. I enjoy your photos and especially videos of the farm it brings back such wonderful memories of my farm days when I was younger . We had sheep as well, their names were Lucy , Lucky , Jenny was my sheep , Jacko we also had rams as we bred them and Glenny baby , he was the ram of all rams thought highly of him self in the yard lol . Our pine trees here and even the Cedar trees have quite the scent in the colder temps and I love it even the land smells different in the cold . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. I don't know anything about goats, but yours look well fed!!! (I love to watch little ones hop around on youtube)and it appears that you have at least one pregnant momma goat? The video was great. I love to check in and share your day!

  6. Cute videos..Love the goats in their winter coats..Love the scent of the pines right now..Looks like the goats need a permanent scratching post.( I'm sure there is probably a lot around to scratch on..) Yes, I think winter is upon us..I guess I'll have to start using my wrinkle everything and very noisy dryer..Have a happy day..

  7. Loved your video. I'm so in love with your sheep. Can't believe how fast they have grown! Thank you for sharing your morning with us.

  8. Great article with excellent pictures! I appreciate your post. Thanks so much and let keep on sharing your stuffs keep it up.

  9. An American in TokyoNovember 25, 2015 at 8:56 PM

    I never realized how big Gracie and the girls are, until I saw you in the video!! I somehow thought they were much smaller!! Ha ha!!


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