Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Instinct And So Much More

It's been one of the most spectacular Autumns of my life.
The colors were amazing.
The weather was perfect...lots of sun, lots of warmth.
To ask for anything more would be downright greedy!

But Autumn's colors are fading now.
The almost fluorescent hues of reds, oranges and yellows are gradually fading to brown...
and in their drabness, the leaves find their way to the ground.

It's been perfect weather this week for working outdoors.
The dogs and I have been spending our afternoons cleaning out garden boxes,
scooping manure, and cutting and moving wood.

Yesterday I cleaned the pig yard.
(yes, I scoop the pig manure daily to keep their yard clean.)
The sheep called to me from their resting places on the other side of the fence.

Everyone is always quite interested in the jobs that I do and seem to enjoy my presence.
I have come to understand so much about animals over the past years.

They, like humans, enjoy the diversion of visitors.
They especially like the presence of other animals.

As I cleaned the yard, I watched the interaction between Annie and MaryAnn
as MaryAnn tried her hardest to get Annie to play with her...

I have received several questions regarding the "motor" sound that my camera makes.
This is due to the autofocus of the camera as it films in video mode...
(one down-side to camera-based video. )

I have found through observing my animals that they possess qualities
so often attributed to only humans...
intelligence, emotion, compassion.
If you understand animal behavior, then you know that much of it is rooted in instinct.
But, they are much more complex than that.
Although their survival depends upon instinct,
they have the capacity for so much more.
There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing well-cared-for, contented animals
enjoying each others' company and...


  1. Oh that Anniie... Such a tease! Cute video. Another pretty day.xxoo

  2. I feel the same . I also did a lot of watching listening studying the animals on our farm when I was kid I always found and still do find them so interesting and get to know their characters helps to understand them more . I do this with wild life to just sit look , listen and watch and it helps for photos to know your subjects . The sound of your zooming on your videos is the same as using a camcorder or hand held video camera I guess some folk don't use any type of video that's why the ? of the sound in your videos . It has been summer like here this week and I am loving it temps have been up to 70F which is rare for this time of the year and lots of sunshine been out raking blowing and mulching leaves, the last bits of the season as our trees are now bare .. Thanks for sharing lovely photos and video as always . Have a good day !

  3. A lovely video thank you for sharing :-)

  4. What a wonderful video..and I agree--we can learn so much by studying and watching the animals that are part of our lives. You have indeed have a blessed autumn....xo Diana

  5. Our Autumn has been a little less than spectacular,,, but I do enjoy our nightly visits from our little 'tribe' of deer that stop by to nibble on the Lilac bushes,, and eat what ever carrots and apples I put out.
    During the day, I enjoy watching our 'garage' kitties (the 3 stray/abandoned) that we adopted last year,,, they walk the perimeter of the property to see what new deer poop has been deposited, and what new mice/gopher holes have opened up,, and yes, we get the regular 'gift' of mouse/gopher,, bird and occasional frog. (yuck).
    Ahh, Autumn delights!...

  6. Amen to your last sentence! (Well, and to everything else you say about animals.)
    The video is such fun - MaryAnn, poor gal, she sure was persistent but Annie had too much respect, it seems.
    That yellow solitaire tree has such a beautiful shape!


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