Monday, November 16, 2015

Feeling Chipper

Donkeys, as well as turkeys, have an eye for beauty.

Daphne and Chloe stood facing this sunrise as they ate their breakfast yesterday morning.

It's hard not to look at the day with much anticipation
after seeing a sunrise like this!

When I went into the barn, I heard TomTom mumbling.
Before I could grab my camera, I saw Lucille standing in TomTom's bed...
right beside him.... TomTom with his back to her.

I am pretty sure he was muttering, "Chickens make very strange bedfellows!"

Luckily the day proceeded with perfect weather.
I had much on my list to accomplish.
When morning chores were finished, I took the gator and began to load it with cut wood.

34 trees makes for a whole lot of firewood.
And that firewood needed to be stacked.

Although I was working alone...
you can see that I am never every entirely alone.

There is always a friend or two willing to keep me company.

"I'm staying up here," uttered Bobby.  "I hope she doesn't expect any help!"

"Not from shady character,"  I replied.

Here is what was next on my chore list...

I spent the entire day working outdoors.
By the end of the day...
bed never looked any better!


  1. Looks great. You got a lot done. Wonderful to be outdoors. I'm sure you had a good nights sleep. Xxoo

  2. It looks great and you got a lot done! I miss our wood chipper! My hubby sold it a couple of years ago and I wish he had kept it. It makes great mulch.

    Love all the animal pictures! xo Diana

  3. Fun stuff ! I love the smell of the wood . It was the same here weather wise just beautiful for this time of year . Lovely photos and great video . thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  4. i could play with that stuff all day. i have a huge love of machinery. the bigger the better. unbelievable weather.

  5. Thinking about you and hope all is well as it is 5:30 AM on Tuesday and there is no new post yet. You are part of the fabric of my life and I start my day with you and your "tales" are so inspirational and remind me to notice the joy in the small things, as they truly are the big things!


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