Thursday, November 5, 2015

Donkey Lovin', Nosey Littles, And The Magic of Digital Photography

Yesterday, being Wednesday, was my day to leave the farm for a few hours
and work with people rather than animals.
It's a nice little break...
mostly nice because it is so little.
(I have our friends and neighbors, Jim and Kathy, to thank...
because they watch over the farm and my animals in my absence.)

I love my time on the farm, truly.
And a day that I don't have to leave at errands to run, etc.
is my favorite kind of day!

I arrived home yesterday afternoon with but one hour of daylight left.
I had a list of chores that needed to be accomplished,
but I put them on hold for just a little and headed out for a visit with Daphne and Chloe.

I am hopelessly addicted to spending time with my animals,
and a day without seeing them is an unsettling thought for me.

So, in order to feed that addiction, I headed out to the barn for a little nuzzle time with the donkeys.

Taking my camera along is almost a joke,
because as soon as I walk into their yard,
they come over to me burying their noses in whatever part of me they can get to.

These two are so gentle and so very affectionate...
the best donkey friends a gal could ask for!

You'll notice that these two have started to grow their shaggy winter coats again.

Daphne is even growing her bangs back again.

The growth of winter coats is triggered by the length of the day, 
rather than by the air temperature...
which explains why these two are wearing fuzzy coats when the daylight temps are in the mid 70's!

I hope to one day sneak out to the barn in the morning and get a video of these two
braying as they do each morning, asking for their breakfast.
They are as loud as trumpets!
It's Revelry, donkey style.
Usually they are braying as soon as they hear me leave the dogs out in the morning,
or when they hear the sound of the gator starting.
So, by the time I reach the barn, they are quiet again...
acting all innocent as if to say, "Who was that making such a ruckus? 
Not us, of course!  We are young ladies who wouldn't consider hollering like that!"

You would not believe the sound that can emanate from these two young ladies!

As I was visiting with the donkeys I noticed that Red and Ollie were sticking their
noses through the fence.

So, I noticed when I looked at this photo,
that there was a lovely pile of manure right under The Littles.
That just had to go!

Ahhhh....the magic of digital photography!


  1. LOL- Yep-too bad removing that manure was not as easy as cropping it out!
    I love coming here to visit. It connects me with my PA dairy farm roots. We never had a donkey but we did have a burro names Roxy that I loved to the ends of the earth. She was such a gentle soul and unpredictable as all get-out.
    Hope you can spend all day home today! xo Diana

  2. If only REAL manure could disappear digitally -- wouldn't that be great?

  3. Sometimes I am surprised with what is actually shows up in a picture that I didn't see when I took it..Usually, It's not manure !Nice that you had a digital shovel nearby..Have a fun day..xxoo

  4. :-) But lovely piles of manure are just a part of nature, and in the case of equines, just lovely...
    Oh if I lived in a place like yours, I'd definitely not be eager to go anywhere else!

  5. I feel like that with the nature we have here in our yard and my Miggs I love them and when I am away from them from time to time for what ever reason which I am a home body any ways I get where I actually miss them all so bad I rush to get back to them all . It is where I belong out with the birds Miggs and critters lol ! Lovely post and photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !


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