Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Annie's Job

I've mentioned before that this little girl loves to play chase.
It's not that she likes to chase the animals...
no... her idea of fun is for them to chase her.

(Sadly, photos do no do this little girl justice.  Her personality more than makes up for her beady little eyes!)
A few weeks ago I thought I might turn this game into a job for little Miss Annie.

Every day when it's time to bring in the equines,
Moonbeam and the ponies come running.
The Littles... well, they need a bit more coaxing.

So, Annie has become the perfect working dog.
Here she is at work yesterday afternoon...

Some days I only have to tell her once 
and she goes running down through the pasture to gather the Littles.
Yesterday she needed a little more coaxing.
Still, it saves me a lot of footwork and headache.

There is never any issue with these two coming in.
They are always quite happy to be wherever I am...
so as soon as I call them, they come running.

We nuzzle and smooch and just hang out for several minutes.

I stick my nose into their coat and breath deeply.
There's something wonderful about the way that donkeys smell.

And something even better about the way they love attention
and give it right back!

Just like babies, they love putting things in their mouths.

While I was sitting there, they nibbled on my boots, camera strap, sleeve...
but luckily not on me.

There are so many precious lives here to attend to.

And for all the care that they require...

they give something so very special right back to me.

Goodbye for now, sweet donkey....
I'll be back to see you later!

Last on my list was working with Red.

We had another long-reining practice session,
and I am happy to say that he now "gets" the idea that he is supposed to march onward when I am behind him.
We still need a lot of work on his right and left turn signals....
but with time I am sure he'll completely understand what it is I am asking of him.

This little guy never ceases to amaze me!

And last, but not least...
look how we've changed in the past three months!

I am spending today with this little pink fairy.
Oh, what fun we will have!


  1. Funniest thing I have ever seen! A dog chasing from in front! LOL! The little fairy is getting big FAST!

  2. Good work, Annie! I think having a job to do is good for everyone! The little pink fairy is thriving and beautiful!

  3. Good job Annie.. I'm sure that does make your life a bit easier. Have fun with the little pink fairy and her mom. Xxoo

  4. What an adorable smile your little fairy has. OMGosh she is just adorable. So many happy times to come hanging out at the farm.
    Red is so like our Willy..your guys are just like ours. So much personality it cracks us up. Life is so much fun with them in ours.
    Your right the work involved with so many lives in our hands. It makes us complete just being able to share so I understand how you feel.
    Love your posts partly because we share so much of the same things. It is wonderful to know someone that understands.
    Thanks as always for sharing Bev.

  5. Awww, those photos of you snuggling with the donkey are ADORABLE! Real keepers!

  6. Very Nice article with beautiful pictures..
    Love to read your blogs.
    Thanks for sharing these articles.

  7. Annie is too funny! She sure got the job done. Your grand-daughter is getting big and she is so cute. You all are really going to enjoy the holidays with a baby in the house! Precious memories.

  8. what a great idea and fun at the same time for annie. mckenzie is soooo cute!!!

  9. I love the way Annie brings in the littles. So cute. And something else so cute is that grand-daughter of yours. Aren't grand-kids such fun

  10. Oh Beverly, look at what I missed.. I love seeing your dear animals, and the photos of sweet little Mckenzie are just adorable!
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Annie does an amazing job. Fun to see her enthusiasm! All your animals are so sweet...I love how affectionate they are. That pink fairy is getting so big and cuter every day. I can't wait for my little pink fairy to arrive in about a month...yay!

  12. The animal family is wonderful BUT . . .
    Little Miss M is stealing the show . . .
    Look at those smiles!


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