Monday, November 9, 2015

A Few Weekend Moments

Our weekend flew by...a moment at a time.
We found a balance between work and play...
and had the pleasure of a visit from our favorite pink fairy.

(I finished knitting her Christmas stocking on Friday.)

Here are a few of our moments...

Our weekend started with this...

We spent quite a bit of time working on the wood from the trees that were cut down.
We stacked what has been cut along the path to the pavilion.

I love paths lined with wood piles...
so quaint and homey to me.

Our friends and neighbors, Jim and Kathy also cut down a bunch of their dead trees this weekend...
we helped clean up the branches and pinecones from their yard
(and will use them in our fireplace this winter.)

In case you wondered, this is what we country folk do for entertainment!!

We also took Mackenzie for her first tour of the farm,
now that she is focussing on what is around her.

And this is what she sees from her angle...
it's fascinating what a different perspective a tiny person has!

We took a little time for piggy play.
As you can see, Oakley is a little intimidated by their curious noses!

"Ooooh, yeah, that's the place!"....heard just before MaryAnn flopped on her side for more.

Ginger, you're such a beauty!!
Ginger was quite happy...her Amanda was home for the weekend.
(That's her favorite person.)

I witnessed a little altercation between Gracie and Ginger on Sunday morning.
Unfortunately, I did not have my camera at the time.
Ginger was grunting very excitedly and chewing on the bottom rung of the fence,
as Gracie was head butting the fence.
Apparently they were having a border dispute.

It amounted to nothing and later they were seen napping next to each other.

It was a perfect autumn weekend...half clouds, half sun... but warm enough for fun!


  1. I love the christmas sock wonderful photo :-)

  2. Sounds like a very fulfilling weekend. That lil' bundle in the stocking is changing already!


  3. What a perfect weekend. Love the hat and stocking. I'm going to hang a stocking like won't be filled until April! 😀
    The stacked wood looks so inviting.

  4. Oh my goodness, that photo of Mackenzie is the cutest thing ever! I adore the hat you made her and the stocking is awesome. Christmas card material right there! :-)

  5. omg...she is too cute in that hat and stocking! looks like a wonderful weekend!

  6. Thanks for sharing your day. Your granddaughter is adorable !! I look forward to reading your blog everyday. It always lifts my spirits. :)

    Enjoy, Janie


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