Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Day In The Life....

...of a chicken.

Of all the animals on the farm,
the chickens lead the busiest lives by far!

Their days go something like this:

Up at the crack of dawn...
and do something about this bed-head!

Breakfast is served, consumed...

and she's off and running.

A couple of hours spent at the spa...

meditating, taking dust baths and preening feathers.

The off to the grocery store to pick up lunch...

A stop by the park to chat with the girls...

and a quick visit with the neighbors...

Back home for some light housekeeping...

and to check 

on the kids...

a little yard work gets done...this particular day the leaves get raked...

Happy hour with her favorite beau at their local watering hole....

Back home and tucked into bed by dark...

except for those wild teenagers (this year's chicks) who like to stay 
out partying way past curfew!

The funny thing is...
there's not a whole lot of difference between my day and a chicken's!


  1. Good morning. I'm still here everyday. Been quite lazy about my commenting though. I can relate to the chickens.....with the new time change...I go to bed with the chickens..BUT..get up way before they do!!!

  2. What a fun post. I bet they each have a unique personality, too. Love the photos. Deb

  3. What a fun post . . .
    I Liked!

  4. I'm just like the chicken with up at dawn. But I must have coffee and check in on my favorite blogs. The only problem is I'm trying everything to correct my comment posting problem. Here goes one more try!!

  5. "there's not a whole lot of difference between my day and a chicken's!" -- Yes, but do YOU lay an egg at the end of it, LOL?

  6. I think you might be kidding about having time to go to the spa though! lol What a FUN FUN post! Love it- xo Diana

  7. What a great post, Beverly!
    I love your chickens.. You really have some beautiful ones.. Second photo down. What type of chicken is it? I love this one.

    The weather has cooled way down this week in the evenings.. Feels like winter!
    I hope all is well on the farm.. They all look so contented.

  8. Hello,
    Its very interesting article.
    I must say you have lots foe chickens.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. ahhh, to be a chicken.... lol!

  10. What a great, wonderful post, with five-star photos to accompany it - absolutely delightful!


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