Friday, October 16, 2015

Mr. Mischief

You guys are the best!
I was so excited yesterday when I found the photo of the bear...
and your comments mirrored my excitement.
Thanks so much of sharing the fun with me.

Yesterday afternoon, while cleaning up manure piles in the front pasture...

I sat down on the ground and watched Ollie as he checked out the gator
and then went back to grazing.
As I sat there watching this seemingly innocent "little" munch away on grass,
I wondered how I could have dubbed him my Mr. Mischief.
He's not so bad, really...
he's just a little horse with a big attitude.

As I sat there focussed on Ollie,
I was aware of galloping hooves approaching me from the rear.
Down the hill came two curious donkeys.

One thing I have learned is that sitting on the ground = donkeys in my lap.

In a split second Ollie spun on his hind legs and came running toward me as well...
sending the donkeys scattering.
I have no idea why he did that.
Was he protecting me?  I am sure not.
Was he protecting his grazing spot?  Maybe.
Most likely he simply did it because he could.
And when the donkeys scattered, I could swear I heard Ollie snickering.

Well, there it was...the answer to my pondering.
Why do I call Ollie my mischievous one?
Because he just is.
Thank goodness he is tiny!

Yesterday was the last harvest day for tomatoes and peppers.
The pan of hot peppers were made into one last batch of pepper relish.
I will stuff the green peppers and freeze them for winter dinners.

Our weather is turning colder now and the garden is essentially finished for the year.
I harvested half of the sweet potatoes.
The rest will be harvested today.

Sweet potatoes are excellent keepers.
Stored in the cool, dark downstairs pantry...
these tubers will last the entire winter.

Our freezers and our pantries are full and ready for the coming months.
It's great to have homegrown goodness stored away.
I am going to try growing some cold weather greens in our greenhouse over the winter as well.

Have a great weekend!
I'll be back Monday with more "tails" from the farm.


  1. Love thinking about al the fruits and veggies you have harvested for winter . . .
    I would love to see your storage shelves!

  2. You should take pictures and do a post on your larder!it's nice to have all that at your fingertips. Ollie is "mr personality". Happy Friday.

  3. I see sweet potato pies in your future!

  4. Wonderful harvest....won't it be wonderful to have all that sweet organic produce this winter when snow is on the ground? Awesome. Mr. Mischief is just so in love with you...he is your protector!

  5. stuffing the peppers and then freezing them? what a great idea. i had so many peppers and i decided to dehydrate the last of them but the oils from them were bothering teddy's eyes so i threw them out. i hated to but i had to. i have a lot of watery pepper jelly that for some reason never jelled.

  6. What a glorious bounty you have. I'm sure every time you enjoy your produce it will bring you back to the days of summer growing.
    That lil' Ollie. So much spunk in such a small package. ;0D

  7. A little firecracker he is . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !


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