Monday, October 19, 2015

Just An Ordinary Day

It seems as though we have skipped over Autumn and gone right to Winter!
Temperatures never left the 40's yesterday,
and nighttime lows are in the 30's.

We had a peaceful weekend at home with our animals.
Chores, cooking and knitting were punctuated by occasional showers of sleet.
Where's my beloved Autumn?

I thought I would take you along as I did Sunday afternoon chores....

It's pretty much the same routine every day...
and one of which I never tire.

When I finished afternoon chores,
I stopped at the beehives to fill the feeder with sugar water.
I feed our bees until the weather turns colder.
This helps to extend their honey supply...saving it for use during the coldest winter months.
I did not harvest what I could have this past summer.
If you look at the hive, you might notice that there are 4 boxes on it.
The top box would ordinarily have been harvested for honey.

Leaving this top box on for the bees' winter consumption just may help the bees
make it through another frigid winter.
We still have a little extra honey on our larder shelves from last year...
so, this year the bees get extra.
Hopefully this hive makes it through the winter...
as it is our last living hive.

I will be ordering bees this winter for Spring delivery.
Then all of our hives will be full once more.


  1. Chore time looks like so much fun!
    Know what you mean about skipping autumn. We got snow over the weekend...enough so it wasn't melting as fast as it hit the ground. It dipped down to 22* last night so there will still be a few scattered white patches today.
    Have a great week.

  2. Looks like a wonderful and relaxing way to spend an afternoon. It will be interesting to see how the bees do this winter. Wishing you (and them) the best.

  3. Loved the video . Chore time there looks fun . I remember as a kid on our farm doing the feeding meant I got to spend more time with the animals and have a good ole chat and a snuggle or two and I loved it , it wasn't a chore to me it was fun . It is cold here to we had frost and some wet snow falling the winds have that nip in them now ! Night temps have been dropping to 32 felling like 28 Brr ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. you have so many friends! i was wondering what was happening with your bees. i really enjoyed the video. it was 27 here this morning. where is fall? we are about to go back to summer.

  5. I enjoyed your video...Looks like a beautiful day..Nice to be outside!! We had a little sleet..very little..Hope the Bees have a good too..xxoo

  6. Bees are so terribly, terribly fragile right now. I hope your crew makes it!

  7. Blissful Days in Autumn at Beehaven . . .
    Always a treat . . .

  8. Lovely, just lovely, feeding time at your Haven! Peaceful and sweet.


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