Friday, October 2, 2015

It's Raining Cats and Donkeys

The saying goes...
"be careful what you wish for..."

Until this week, we had been very rain for weeks.

This week has brought plenty of rain...
and there's more on the way!

We are spending most of our time indoors.
(And of course there's plenty to do.)

Unfortunately the same isn't true for the animals.
With no hobbies to help them wile away the hours,
the animals spend their time looking out at the rain.

I wonder what they're thinking...
I know the donkeys wish it would stop.
They're not a fan of getting wet.
(not the case with the horses!)

Normal Autumn weather is to return next week...
so we will be back with lots more "tails" to tell.

I hope wherever you are this weekend 
that you are not feeling the effects of the hurricane.


  1. Sometimes Rainy Days give us days with new permissions . . .
    I like those days very much . . .
    Enjoy . . .

  2. Happy weekend. They remind you of bored kids, don't they? At least they can't whine they have nothing to do. xo Diana

  3. Loving this much-needed rain. We really haven't had much since the initial 2 1/2 inches. Yes, more to come. Enjoy your weekend....xxoo

  4. Hey Bev,
    We got a smige of rain the other day,,, but we certainly need more.
    Enjoy your lovely Autumn weather,,,
    I am determined to get my sewing room cleaned up and organized,,, wish me luck! lol!


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