Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cold Enthusiasts

Yesterday's sun rose over frost-covered fields.
The farm had cooled to a brisk 27 degrees over night...
the coldest morning so far this season.

With winter work clothes on, I headed out to do morning chores.
The only part of me that felt alien to the cold were my hands.
It will take some time for them to get used to the cold.
Did you know that your hands will actually grow extra capillaries in response to cold...
this is why they are bothered more by the cold in the beginning of the season than later.

I have learned, though, that the key to warmth in work gloves is to buy them several sizes too large.
The air circulation around your fingers will help to warm them...
which is why mittens are always warmer than gloves.
Unfortunately, working with mittens is like being all thumbs!

While I was emptying icy buckets and scooping freeze-dried poop,
I head thundering hooves from the upper pastures.
I looked up to see Becky's Sid and Shirley running, bucking, leaping and rearing.

It's been my experience that horses love the advent of colder weather...
greeting it with new-found energy and enthusiasm.

I stood and watched the joy for a little while,
and, as luck would have it, with eyes upon them they settled down and started eating.

I had hoped to capture some of their leaping on film,
but they were not in the mood for showing off to an audience.

Ho-hum... no action here!
But still, I am forever in awe of equines...

such majestic creatures whose peaceful demeanor can at any moment explode into
powerful running 

and leaping.

And just as suddenly as it begins, it ends and quiet grazing resumes...

on a quiet, frost-filled Autumn morning.

If you have a little extra time...
please check out this website (written by BHA's very own newlywed,  Amanda)...
and see if you recognize anyone in the pictures!

Great website, Amanda!!


Missy George said...

I sometimes feel like kicking up my heels on these cool mornings as well. Got a picture of that? Will check out Manny's website. Have a good day

Karen L. Bates said...

Beautiful Fall pictures. The hoar frost on the post is beautiful.

Candice said...

I'm not ready for the cold yet although your picture of the frost on the tree stump is lovely. Does Sid have some type of covering or paint on his hooves?

Beverly Frankeny said...

Those are called bell boots....they help to keep him from kicking off his horseshoes.

NanaDiana said...

Wow- You really got a heavy frost there. Usually by this time of year we have had good solid freezes. Not this year. We are still mowing grass and have really warm weather this week. It's been a weird year. xo Diana

Lynne said...

Great pictures . . . really shows the frosty look!
And I recognized some familiar smiles!

An American in Tokyo said...

Beautiful photos!
Looking forward to feeling the chill soon over here as well.


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