Monday, October 12, 2015

A Family Sort of Weekend

It was the best kind of Autumn weekend!

Beautiful weather made for fun days filled with family.
Saturday we drove to Philadelphia to visit our newlyweds, Amanda and Tim.
A trip to the Italian market for delicious cheeses and Italian pastries,
were followed by watching the Penn State game and a stop at a local micro-brewery.

Can you guess which beer was mine?

Sunday was filled with family portrait sessions and a pizza party in the pavilion.
There's nothing like a roaring fire on a cool Autumn day.
And nothing like yummy homemade pizza in a wood-fired oven!

Here are a few of my favorite family photos...
Tyler, and his Mommy and Daddy...

Mackenzie and her Mommy and Daddy...

and of course, Sam.


Tyler has the utmost patience with his little cousin.

And boy, those big brown eyes just melt his Grammie's heart!


  1. cute! it was a wonderful fall weekend here too! finally!

  2. Loved seeing the family . . .
    Oven Outdoor Pizzas sound Dee-Lish!

  3. Beautiful! Gotta love all the generational dimples!

  4. Wonderful weekend for family time at Safar picture ... Great family pictures

  5. I don't know how that came out that way..It was supposed to say at the farm! Sorry! I'm sure everyone had a good day.

  6. Cute kids, cute grandkids, cute dog and awwwwwwww, that cute l'il beer!

  7. Happy Autumn,,, I see you all are in warmer clothing,,, it is still hot hear,,, have not put the sandals away yet,,, soon I hope,,, I am so ready to snuggle into my warm sweaters and girlie boots!
    Miss you my friend,,, hugz

  8. Hi Beverly,
    Boy, these are such great family photos! Thank you for sharing..
    What beer was yours you ask? I think the tiny one...
    Have a great week

  9. Wonderful photos . I was a lovely weekend here to with our Thanksgiving and perfect weather . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. Wonderful photo session with your beautiful family! The little one had the most perfect smiles.

  11. Looks like a fabulous way to spend a cool, autumn day. Sweet cousins!

  12. Beautiful families. Was beautiful here also. Mild.
    My favorite month.

  13. An American in TokyoOctober 13, 2015 at 11:56 PM

    Beautiful family photos!!


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