Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Little Pink Fairy Meets The Animals

There's nothing sweeter than having little ones here...
and this week our days are filled with little pink fairy love!

Last evening when the sun was low enough to make walking comfortable,
we headed out to meet the farm animals....
Mackenzie, Mommy, Grammie and all four dogs.

We said hi to the sheep...

who were out enjoying the cooler evening as well.

And waved to the pigs.

Mackenzie's favorite part of the walk, however,
was a visit with Moonbeam!

We'll be enjoying a cooler day of adventures today.
Finally a cold front is moving in (bringing showers and thunderstorms along with it)...
but behind it... much cooler temps.


  1. What a doll! So glad you are able to spend lots of time with her.

    Enjoy the cooler temps! (Can you send some our way?) ;0D

  2. what a fantastic way to start life...on the farm with the animals! it is raining here this morning....woohoo!!!!

  3. So precious, sweet and cute . . .
    And growing FAST . . .
    The "tiny baby" look has vanished . . .,
    I wonder what she thought looking at all the animals!

  4. How fun! Bet she is having as good a time as Granny!

  5. What a sweetie!! I know you will have so much fun this week.

  6. I just adore your posts and all your animals...they all look so happy and are so full of life. What a cutie yor granddaughter is :)

  7. What an especially lovely post! It's never too early for babies to learn the wonder of the world, or induce the love for animals. Loved seeing Makenzie's eyes when she spotted Moonbeam! Enjoy your time with her; they grow up too fast!


  8. The last photo is priceless! Look at her looking at Moonbeam! I love it!

  9. Oh Bev,
    She is so adorable... Yes, she is really focused on Moonbeam.. I wish I knew what her little mind was thinking.
    Have a great day with Makenzie.

  10. total sweetness and love...sally

  11. Too cute for words. Moonbeam has another admirer.


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